Exploring Salt Lake City in One Day: Cool Things To Do With Kids

Getting children excited about history is as easy as introducing it in a way that is interesting. We also seek out hands on workshops, or an interactive historic locales. But what about religious history? Especially when it’s not your own? Is there even a point?  All history is important as knowledge is power. Armed with … Read more

7 Epic Reasons Homeschooled Kids Love Homeschooling

I Love Homeschooling at the Beach

We are a homeschooling family. My mom is an amazing teacher and has taught all of us at home, except for my oldest sister, Kerry.  We started when she was a Junior in High School and she did not want to make the move.  My parents respected her decision.  I am the first in our … Read more

Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids – Respect Nature

Respect Nature.

As parents, we painstakingly educate our children. We teach them our faith, about money, about sex, about kindness and compassion, we educate them on the ills of drugs and alcohol.  We spend hours upon hours with them on the road, learning how to drive, we introduce them to all our passions, we teach them how … Read more

Choose to Be Amazing or Choose To Continue to Suck – A Rant!


I’m not going to waste one second with blog protocol or Google SEO nonsense, this blog is a Rant, this blog is all about assumptions and the sickening state of humanity. It’s a Rant about hypocrisy and ridiculousness and the absolute need for an ass whooping of us all. When did we start to hate … Read more

Living is Organic Homeschooling At It’s Finest!

Life sometimes seems like a chess game, no?  A game of both luck, maybe some skill and a whole lot of guesswork that sometimes works out and sometimes does not come close.  In life, you adapt, you keep pressing on, enjoying life each and every day. That is how this fulltime travel gig of ours … Read more