7 Epic Reasons Homeschooled Kids Love Homeschooling

We are a homeschooling family. My mom is an amazing teacher and has taught all of us at home, except for my oldest sister, Kerry.  We started when she was a Junior in High School and she did not want to make the move.  My parents respected her decision.  I am the first in our family to have never been in a real school.  My mom often says her only regret is not having homeschooled all of us from the beginning  I’m so glad she started because I Love Homeschooling.

I love homeschooling because you can do it anywhere.
Homeschooling can be done anywhere!

My older brother, Cardy was the last Kellogg to go to school. He finished Kindergarten and says he likes homeschooling way better. If you ask him why he will tell you because the teachers didn’t let him play on the playground with Kenny and Dally. They insisted he make friends with people in his own grade. It may seem silly, but that’s a pretty great reason to not want to go to school and to love homeschooling, in my opinion.

I Love Homeschooling for many many reasons. Here are the top 7 reasons that I love being taught at home.

Time with Family

I love homeschooling because I can snowboard whenever I want!
Snowboarding during the week is great because we don’t have to deal with crowds.

The number one reason I Love Homeschooling is because I get to spend much more time with my family. If I went to school I would wake up and  leave and barely get too see anyone. After school we would have all sorts of extra curricular activities and have no time for family. It would suck. Being homeschooled means we study together, we eat together and we play together.  In fact, my older brothers help me a lot with school and I get to help my younger siblings too.


I Love Homeschooling because I can go to the beach with my family and not have to get an excused absence!
We had a blast at Huntington Beach in November!

Another reason I love homeschooling is freedom. I don’t have to wait for weekends or for summer break to travel.  Or school can go with us everywhere. And I can go snowboarding, or kayaking, for the day, and come back and do school. Or I can choose to finish school early in the morning and then go do crazy fun things. It’s flexible, which means I choose when and where I do school, that is cool.

Student Led

I love homeschooling because I get to learn what I want.
Cardy and I made this map because we felt like it one afternoon. It was fun.

My mom talks a lot about student led learning, which means I can pretty much learn whatever I want. We do the basics, Reading, Writing and Math, but then we learn from our environment. Much of our school is done in real life. This is a big reason I love homeschooling. We learn about history going to places, like DC and Williamsburg and Columbus, GA.  We learn about Geography by traveling.  We learn how to lift Jeeps and change tires and renovate RV’s, and cook and so much more, just by living. But there is more.  For example, coding. I discovered I really like to code. It is so much fun for me and Cardy. And Cardy is learning Html/JavaScript! He is a 14 year old whiz kid! Another example, cats. I have researched so much about cats, that I know just about everything about them. I love cats for no other reason then I love cats.

Homeschooling is Portable

I love homeschooling because instead of hating school, I look forward to learning.
I love this quote said by Mark Twain. It’s definitely the foundation of our homeschool.

I also really love homeschooling because it is portable. I can do school in the kitchen, or my room, or on the deck.  I can even study in our RV. We could be driving down the road, and I cold be on the couch doing school.   I can choose to do school on Saturdays instead of a weekday.  I can look at the weather and see that we are going to get a storm on Wed and switch my school days to take advantage of the snow! Homeschooling is so great because it doesn’t tie me down.  And for my younger brothers and sisters, it’s great because they don’t have to sit at a desk.  They can walk around or stand or kneel or drink and snack while learning.

Homeschooling is Fast

I love homeschooling because recess is long.
After school, I love going hiking. If I had to go to school, I wouldn’t have time after to hike.

I like being homeschooled because my school day is so much faster than a sticks and bricks school.  I usually get up in the early morning around 7 and work on school while everyone else is still asleep, except my dad, because he wakes up at 4:30, for the same reasons … get our work done and get out and have fun.  It’s really cool having all day, or at least from lunch on, for family and fun! The world really is ours!

No Bullying

I love homeschooling because there is no bullying!
My family are my best friends. We are all crazy and we keep each other safe.

Another reason I love homeschooling is because I’ve heard a lot about bullying. I’ve even seen it when we visit friends and family. It’s so silly, really.  Luckily I’ve never experienced it myself.  Well, not really.  I guess kids have been mean to one of us at a playground or even at their house, but like, it doesn’t bother any of us.  We have each other’s back.  If anyone bullied me all my brothers and sisters would be instantly by my side. I can trust them to help me, and to always be nice to me.

Zero Oppression

I love homeschooling because I am free to pray whenever I want.
I love being me and not having to worry that I might say something wrong.

So, in a lot of the books I read, the movies I see, the little news I catch, I’m always hearing about kids’ religious views being oppressed.  Probably the coolest thing about homeschooling, and why I love homeschooling is that I can practice my religion without consequence. I appreciate this because it’s not always the case.  My brothers friend wasn’t allowed to pray before a football game because it was, or could be, offensive to others.  Before every event or competition or fun day, we pray.  We celebrate Christmas and Easter.  We just pray all the time, we thank God and we ask for his protection.  To not be able to do that at school would suck.  God is part of my every day, I wouldn’t want to leave Him home just because I was going to school.

Why I Love Homeschooling

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  1. What an amazing girl you have raised. This is a wonderful article which captures the beauty of being a homeschooled family and it’s written by a child. I am in awe.

  2. Maddy, You did a very nice job. I agree on homeschooling being fast. When one of my boys was home sick from traditional school, he did 3 days homework in a couple of hours. It made me think he was wasting away in class. He said he really was bored. ( He has a Dr. of Chemistry now.) Keep loving learning. Check out the great lakes and Upper Penninsula of Michigan. You forgot them on the map. It just means you haven’t visited us yet?! I like learning history by visiting also. I seem to understand better when I can see things for myself. Dives the family crazy as I read everything they have in museums etc.

  3. I can tailor our curriculum around my child’s learning style. I can make it fun for them – helping my child become a lifetime learning – a lover of learning. It takes significantly less time to teach my own children than they would be in public school. We use that time for playing, serving, exploring the world around us, and connecting as a family.


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