Big Changes For Airline Change Fees

Airline Change Fees

The big C has changed so much over the past 18 months, most of the changes have affected us negatively, but there have been some positives come out of the foolishness. Positives like alcoholic beverages to go from favorite bars and restaurants, increase in telemedicine, and the St John Vianney Biblical School going online. And … Read more

Help Kids Love To Ski and Snowboard


Ahhhh, toddlers snowboarding…does that strike the fear of God in you or get you pumped?? It can and should be the latter, and you can help your kids develop a love to ski & snowboard by taking it easy, no pressure, all fun. As you know, we are winter sports enthusiasts and as such we … Read more

6 Fun Fall Camping Tips For Families

Fall Camping is super fun for families!

Ahhh, it’s fall, which means the Kellogg’s are scrambling to keep our summer alive, through this unseasonably chilly Colorado season. We aren’t putting our Jackson Kayak kayaks or our climbing shoes or our GeigerRigs, or our paddles up. Nope, we just aren’t ready. We are going to stick with the program and keep doing everything … Read more

KelloggShow Guide To The 6 Best Things To Do In Barcelona with Kids

Include La Sagrada de Familia in your top Things To Do In Barcelona With Kids

We are in Spain. Currently Sort, Catalunya, Spain. A dream has been realized. It has always been a dream of mine to load the entire family up on a plane and fly overseas. The location never much mattered, it was all about the exploration, the newness, the excitement, the unknown. For me, forget about getting … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Need the Bagsmart Montreal Camera Shoulder Bag

You know when you find something awesome, you just want to share it with the world? Well that’s how I feel about The Montreal Camera Shoulder Bag from Bagsmart. As a fulltime adventure traveler and photographer, I am always on the search for the most versatile and resilient gear. Any gear that has dual purposes … Read more