Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Based On The 5 Love Languages

For Catholics, May is traditionally dedicated to Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. But, in May, we also celebrate our own earthly mothers, on Mother’s Day.  Across the world, this holiday traditionally involves honoring our mother’s with both our time and money in the the form Mother’s Day Gifts. We shower our mom’s with gifts … Read more

Must Have Kitchen Equipment For Home Chefs with Big Families

kitchen equipment for big family

First, I just want to say thank you so much for your support of our website and social media channels, KelloggShow across all medium. You wouldn’t believe the number of question we get regarding feeding a family our size. From budget to products to recipes, so I wanted to address these questions in a 3-part … Read more

Building a Cabin – Foundation Materials Arrive

Building a Cabin

We are building a cabin! For those of you who don’t know, we bought a 36 acre ranch in Sept 2022 as a homestead, a sustainable ranch, as a recreational haven and as our legacy to our children and generations to come. The plan was and is that everyone, if they want, is more than … Read more

Colorado Dream Home – Our Search to Find a Homestead

Gone Country

No way it’s been one full year since we sold our home in Glenwood Springs! This day wasn’t even on my radar. I woke up to Memory Notifications and was shocked at how quickly time flies. As my mind acknowledged the insane passage of time, my heart began to reflect. Reflecting on the passage of … Read more

God’s Grace Comes in Mysterious and Surprising Ways

God's Grace

I’ve been having a rough go, been beating myself up…you probably know the drill, been there before and all that. We all experience ups and downs and in-betweens in life.  This time, though, the reason for feeling beaten down is external BS. Now, if you know anything about me, I typically turn a deaf ear … Read more