God’s Grace Comes in Mysterious and Surprising Ways

God's Grace

I’ve been having a rough go, been beating myself up…you probably know the drill, been there before and all that. We all experience ups and downs and in-betweens in life.  This time, though, the reason for feeling beaten down is external BS. Now, if you know anything about me, I typically turn a deaf ear … Read more

Be Unstoppable: How to Raise Our Kids to Be Authentically Themselves

I write for several online travel blogs. The best, and by far the biggest is TravelingMom.com.  It is one of the biggest travel sites in the online world. Through TravelingMom, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing women who identify with all aspects of mothering, as well as all stages. They are a … Read more

Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids – Respect Nature

Respect Nature.

As parents, we painstakingly educate our children. We teach them our faith, about money, about sex, about kindness and compassion, we educate them on the ills of drugs and alcohol.  We spend hours upon hours with them on the road, learning how to drive, we introduce them to all our passions, we teach them how … Read more

Leaving a Legacy of Adventure Through Experiences

Traveling is another way we are leaving behind a legacy!

We often wonder about our Legacy.  Just the other day, straight off of US Freestyle Team Trials, Dan and I were sitting in a City Market parking lot, drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying a rare moment of quiet.  We had left the RV under the auspices of “running errands” amidst a dozen pleas to … Read more

Positive Parenting: Raising Mentally, Physically and Spiritually Strong Kids and Teenagers

Faith: “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” Hebrews  11:1   There’s so many different positive parenting styles.  There’s the helicopter parent, the free-range parent, the working parent and everything in between.  I think in my heart of hearts, I’m more of a helicopter parent than I would ever care … Read more