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Lifting Motivation Tricks

Weight Training: 6 Best Lifting Motivation Tricks

Kenny Kellogg

There are plenty of people out there who are not lazy, but just can’t seem …

Kelloggshow having fun with Adventure in Buena Vista, CO

Family Fun and Adventure in Buena Vista, CO

Susie Kellogg

There are few places as comparable Buena Vista, CO. We just spent the last two …

Suffering brings us to our dreams.

Without Suffering, There is No Growth

Susie Kellogg

Vegas Baby!!  We went. If you pay attention to our blog, you probably know this. …

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

Kady Kellogg

I saw a post the other day that said, “I don’t try to avoid problems, …

Taping, surprisingly legit.

Taping: From Extreme Doubter to Devout Believer

Susie Kellogg

You guys, consider this blog my gift to you.  I felt so compelled to write …


God's Grace

God’s Grace Comes in Mysterious and Surprising Ways

I’ve been having a rough go, been beating myself up…you probably know the drill, been …

Raising Kids with Grit involves levels of suffering.

Want to Raise Kids with Grit? Mom of 12 Says To Do This

No Grit? We have a problem. You see, there are few things that can make …