Weight Training: 6 Best Lifting Motivation Tricks

There are plenty of people out there who are not lazy, but just can’t seem to get motivated enough to get themselves to the gym. If you are one of these people, rest assured, you are not alone. In fact I used to be the same way when I first started lifting. I would dread it all day long, day after day. But believe me, after around 2 weeks of commitment and zero excuses, I finally started liking it more and more as the days went by. And as I started seeing results, it got easier to get motivated to workout and I realized I was sitting on some epic Lifting Motivation Tricks!

A partner helps and is one of the top Lifting Motivation Tricks.
Training with a buddy is the biggest hack to success.

The hardest part is the beginning, getting yourself to the gym and getting motivated. These 6 Lifting Motivation Tricks should up your motivation 100%.  Check them out.

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Get a Buddy

The number 1 thing, the biggest hack is you absolutely, 100%, need a lifting partner/buddy. If you do not have someone you can workout with it will be extremely difficult to not only get yourself to the gym, but to stay motivated while there. Mainly because you will end up needing someone to spot you. But, also a buddy gives you someone who can push you past your limits and someone to talk to. The cool thing is, this buddy can be anyone.  Your buddy can your siblings, parents, friend, or even a personal trainer. Having a Lifting Partner is definitely one the top Lifting Motivation Tricks.

Dope Playlist

Another of the industry’s top Lifting Motivation Tricks is, hands down, a sick playlist.  You need good music, that gets you pumped and stoked. You can’t workout or do anything but sleep listening to twinkle little star, or jingle bells!! You need energetic and loud music with people yelling and screaming!! Heavy metal or dubstep type stuff, where when you hear it you just want to go crazy!!  


In weight training, supplements are everything. My top supplements for lifting are pre workout, and post workout drinks. My goto pre-workout drink is Cellucor’s C4.  This drink gives me a huge boost of energy. In fact the pre-workout will give you so much you won’t have a choice but to keep going and working out to use it al up. I absolutely love my pre workout.  As for post-workout drink we just use Cytosport’s 100% Whey.  It tastes way better than anything else we’ve tried, and we’ve tried everything. Just adding these 2 supplements to your regimen definitely recharges your routine. Hence, it’s one of my top Lifting Motivation Tricks.  


If you are trying to get in shape, a great hack is to print out a picture of someone in great shape to motivate you. Or if you are trying to gain mass muscle, print a picture of a bodybuilder and stick it on the fridge or your bedroom door. That way you have a visual goal that you view daily to help you want accomplish it everyday. Visual goals are awesome Lifting Motivation Tricks.


One of the industry’s top Lifting Motivation Tricks to to make a set schedule, start off with 2 or 3 days a week, pick a time and day, and don’t miss it. Ever. If you schedule a time to lift, you won’t have the universal excuse of being too busy.  My advice is to print a work out sheet and follow it. If you are serious, like I am, you will make working out like a second job. Your mind tells you that you have to do it. You don’t make money but you make progress and gains. And, after a few weeks you will actually enjoy working out.

Start NOW

Procrastination is the killer of goals. That is why one of my top Lifting Motivation Tricks is to simply start NOW. Don’t wait until New Year’s or Monday or the first of the month. Don’t wait to start next week, or tomorrow. Start today,  just do it today.  Break yourself in slow. Start off with a little workout, maybe it will be 30 minutes, maybe an hour. Start off small and work your way up. Then, after a week, 2 weeks you will feel great and it will be the most addicting feeling!!  We all get it, we’ve been there, it is difficult to start. But once you start you can’t stop. So just do it, and accomplish your goals!!

Those 6 Best Lifting Motivation Tricks should definitely boost your motivation, so get out there and hit the gym!! Hit me up with your favorite Lifting Motivation Tricks! I’d love to hear what you do to keep hitting the gym and surpassing your goals!!

Lifting Motivation Tricks

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  1. Kenny,
    Great post! A very good point about starting small and consistent changes.

    I am curious, how to you lift while your family is traveling on the road?


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