From Adventure to Entrepreneurship: The KelloggShow Family’s Journey to Starting a Successful Tiny Home Business

Leading the tiny ome movement: quality over price!

The KelloggShow family has always been known for our adventurous spirit, our eagerness to take risks, our all or nothing mindset, but now we are taking on a new challenge: we have started, Frontier Tiny Homes. As the name suggests, we are building luxury tiny homes on our ranch. With our passion for travel, our … Read more

Discover the Biolite Firepit+: The Ultimate Portable Smokeless Fire Pit for Outdoor Cooking and Heating

Biolite Firepit+

Callling all camping enthusiasts or really just anyone who loves spending time outdoors!! If this is you, I’m here to tell you about the coolest Firepit ever made. Introducing the Biolite Firepit+. This incredible piece of gear has taken the outdoor cooking and heating scene by storm. And I assure you, if we are singing … Read more

What to Pack for Your Family Ski Trip – The Ultimate Guide

Ski Trip

Packing for your ski trip can be both a hassle and exciting. Days spent charging the mountain, breathing the crisp mountain air. Nights spent relaxing in a hot tub and eating delicious local food. But organizing and condensing everything you think you and your family might need can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. As a local … Read more

Gift Buying Guide: Best Practical Gifts for Adventure Lovers

Best Gift Guide for the Adventurer

And it’s HERE!!  The long awaited, much anticipated, incredible, amazing, mind blowing KelloggShow Gift Guide for the Adventurer in your life! Just in time for the Holiday Season, we’ve come up with some of the coolest gifts for the adventurous, wild, traveling type peeps in your life. These cannot be outdone! Read on for the … Read more

25 Best Gifts for Adventurous Men

Best Gift Guide for the Adventurous Man

Men are impossible to buy for, no?  Men’s practicality is at best bizarre. They are practical beings for whom gifts must have a practical use and be far from extravagant. The following list is a compilation of the 25 Best Gifts for Adventurous Men according to males across the globe. Every gift on this list … Read more

25 Best Travel Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Travel Gifts for Kids

It’s always a great sign when kids are curious about the world at a young age. And, traveling kids tend to have a passion for people, places and imagination.  They are creative and resourceful little humans!  When the holidays roll around, we like to foster their adventurous side as well as their desire for exploration … Read more

The Best Insider’s Guide To The Least Crowded Ski Resorts in Colorado

Ski Trip

This winter, according to the Farmers Almanac, Colorado is gearing up for one of its best snow seasons in years. This very welcome beta comes on the heels of strict Covid restrictions. As a result, thousands of people across the nation will be flocking to Colorado Ski Resorts this ski season.  Now, more than ever, … Read more


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