From Adventure to Entrepreneurship: The KelloggShow Family’s Journey to Starting a Successful Tiny Home Business

The KelloggShow family has always been known for our adventurous spirit, our eagerness to take risks, our all or nothing mindset, but now we are taking on a new challenge: we have started, Frontier Tiny Homes. As the name suggests, we are building luxury tiny homes on our ranch.

With our passion for travel, our inclination to hard work and perfectionism, our enthusiasm toward sustainable and simple living, and our love for the great outdoors, we can think of no better business than the Tiny Home Business. We are so excited to share our luxury tiny homes with others, and to assist families during this financial collapse.

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Tell Us More About Frontier Tiny Homes

Frontier Tiny Homes is the marriage between the lifelong dream that Dan has had: to go into business with his kids, and Dally’s collossal idea to build small homes for people to rent. Today, Frontier Tiny Homes is taking the tiny home movement by storm; offering luxury homes that are both budget friendly and high end builds. We put our name, our reputation and our guarantee behind every home we build.

So, What is a Tiny Home

A tiny home is exactly what you would think it would be … a smaller version of your parents’ home. Tiny Homes are fully functioning homes with kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping and living areas, all in a relatively small footprint.

Tiny Homes are built on trailers, so they are extremely versatile. They can be stationary, parked permanently. Or they can be towed anywhere your heart’s desire, lending flexibility, freedom, and adventure without the financial constraints of a mortgage, utility bills, HOA dues, property taxes, etc.  As a result, in today’s tumultuous and uncertain world, people, both young and old, are embracing the tiny home movement.

With a Frontier Tiny Home, the world is truly your oyster.

Why Live In a Tiny Home

Given today’s financial volatilty and the rapidly rising interest rates, coupled with inflation, it’s increasingly difficult to purchase a home. Combine that with the fact that tiny homes offer something your traditional home can’t … freedom. Freedom from excessive debt, freedom from clutter and materialism, freedom from a mortgage, freedom from having to work long hours (endentured servitude) to pay for the mortgage, freedom from the corporate ladder, the cubicle coma and the 9-5 grind.

People are choosing to downsize the space they live in, to simplify their lives, live with less, and do more. People of all ages are embracing the joy that comes with the lower Cost of Living that naturally accompanies tiny home life.

Why Us?

We are not simply tiny home builders, as many of you know, we actually lived in an RV for 8 years with our 12 kids! Sounds impossible, right? But we did it specifically to ditch the mortgage, ditch the car payments and just breathe. We were overwhelmed with debt and underwhelmed with the 9 to 5 life. Our lives consisted of working to pay bills. We knew there was a way out, and when we found an RV we could afford, we jumped and never looked back.

What that means for tiny home buyers is that we understand the desire to escape the insanity of the housing market and conserve money for the things that really matter, and we know that living simply, just describes material goods … living simply actually equates to living LARGE!

And, as a family that lived and travelled in a 300 sq ft RV, we know what works and what doesn’t work, what is necessary and what is nothing more than noise. Our tiny homes will have all the comforts of home, without the big encumbering bills.

We embrace nature in all its nuances and are passionate about bringing natural, unencumbered peace and tranquility into each and every tiny home we build. Our clients will hopefully become our friends, and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs and desires of our friends, our ability to produce quality homes that are not only beloved, but also endure the test of time.

Our Services

Frontier Tiny Homes is a family-owned business located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We specialize in tiny home construction and design. All our tiny homes are built to order. No need to worry, if you don’t have a design background, we are here to help you customize your tiny home to fit your personality and needs.

If you have questions, contact us via phone, (970)404-2333, via email at info@frontiertinyhomes or simply message us via social media and we will get back to you so quick, it will make you head spin!

Thanks for asking about us and our family!

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