The Best Whitewater Kayaking Gear of 2020! (Buyers Guide)

Whitewater Gear List

What Kayaking Gear Do You Need? Have you and your family decided to get started kayaking this summer, but just have no clue where to start?  What whitewater boat? What whitewater Kayaking Gear? With so many decisions out there, getting started is half the battle.  In fact, I remember scouring the Internet for a comprehensive … Read more

Beating the Heat During the Pandemic

Playing in the river is the best way for beating the heat during the pandemic.

“What is everyone watching these days on Netflix? Any great series that I can’t miss? I’m going crazy and need something to watch. Thanks in Advance.” This has to honestly be in the top 5 of questions posed on Social Media. I mean, how many Netflix series have you yourself watched just to pass the … Read more

Kids Kayaking: Family Fun on the Kicking Horse River in BC

The Kicking Horse River is a fun family run!

Our Road Trip to Alaska was amazing! We explored many places, saw many things. It was exactly how we all expected it to be! Rugged, rough, filled with Type III fun, and absolutely remarkable. I loved it. I cannot wait to go back. Paddling in Alaska was beautiful, we even kayaked in Denali National Park! … Read more