Houseless By Choice: The Judgment is Real, On Both Sides, Karen


I have recently learned that upper class citizens think being houseless is a disgrace. Much of this story is being left out to protect the not so nice people as they are prominent and wealthy and I’m not one to cancel someone, regardless of the reason. Further, this particular woman has children, no need for … Read more

The Best RV Water Filter – CLEAR2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter Review

RV Water Filter

RV’ing for many is a way to travel whilst keeping all the amenities of home. There are some things that have proven more difficult than one would think, clean, clear tasting water is one of them. Providing our families with clean, fresh, safe and natural tasting water is the goal of the CLEAR2O RV and … Read more

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review – Portable Power Station

As a fulltime RVing family, it’s obvious why we might want solar power, but trust me, in the world we live in now … you want it to! Enter the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station. Lightweight, compact, and silent, it’s the ideal product for anyone who wants power after there is no more! … Read more

The Great Alaskan Roadtrip: Crossing the Canadian Border in an RV

Crossing the Canadian Border

Crossing borders is exciting as hell. Don’t you think? No? Then you definitely need to keep reading b/c you are doing it all wrong! 🙂 I find crossing the Canadian Border (the only border I’ve ever actually crossed) to be incredibly exciting. Maybe because it’s a little unsettling if not a little unsettling. I always … Read more

KelloggShow Celebrates 7 Years of Fulltime RV Travel: Here’s What They Won’t Tell You

KelloggShow Family celebrates 7 years of Fulltime RV Living.

This year we celebrate 7 years of near Fulltime RV Travel. And this year we are questioning the celebrating moniker. Sure, RVing has been fun. It’s given us the ability to personally witness  the beauty of our own country and given us the avenue to travel all over the US and Canada. I mean, let’s be … Read more

Travel Advice? Ask the RV Community!

KelloggShow Notes

RV’ing! You know we love it, you know it’s changed our entire lives. It literally made full time travel affordable and reachable for our family. RVing has exponentially improved our children’s schooling. It has changed our perspective on what is important and necessary as opposed to frivolous and wanton. RVing has increased our sense of … Read more