Idaho Road Trip: Free Things To Do In Idaho

On your next Idaho Road Trip, be sure to check out Payette Lake, one of the best Free Things To Do In Idaho.

We have traveled North America (with dabbles in South America as well) going on 7 years now and we’ve seen and done more than I could have ever imagined possible. There are, of course, a few places that are so off the beaten path that we have yet to hit up. Northern Idaho was one … Read more

Make Money And Travel: Meet The Blakey’s, Independent Insurance Adjusters

If you want to realize your dream of full time travel, the first hurdle is figuring out how to Make Money and Travel.  Meet the Blakey’s, Millard and his wife Boo. They have been full time RV’ing for 7 years!  They have been making it work thinking outside the box since 2011! In 2014 they … Read more

How We Make Money & Travel Full Time

Make Money and Travel Fulltime!

Hey there, friends! We’re Dan & Susie Kellogg and we are the parental units of the KelloggShow clan. In 2012 we had a dream to sell everything, get rid of the mortgage, get rid of the car payments and just breathe. We were drowning in debt and our daily life was becoming more and more … Read more

Family Fun and Adventure in Buena Vista, CO

Kelloggshow having fun with Adventure in Buena Vista, CO

There are few places as comparable Buena Vista, CO. We just spent the last two weeks here training for the World Championships in Argentina later this year.  We had an absolute blast on and off the river. Adventure in Buena Vista is as easy as walking out your door, and a ton of it is … Read more

Build a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From: Live the Dream!

Live the Dream

I jumped outta bed this morning, my body totally rejuvenated from the best night sleep, my eyes bright and my mind already stoked for what today holds…a day of paragliding, kayaking, photography and family fun. Family fun being the keyword.  If you follow us, you know that we value spending time with each other and … Read more

What About the Medical? – FullTime RV

Traveling for an extended period of time sounds like a dream, sounds like fun, right? We thought so to and so we went and turned it into a reality.  And it is everything we thought it would be and then some! But, with reality comes real life obstacles that you need to deal with.   And, … Read more