3 Earth Shattering Reasons Why Traveling With Kids is Life Changing

Travel with Kids like the KelloggShow family.

Each year as summer draws to a close, teachers, parents, and students alike all begin their back to school preparations. While most families are shopping for back-to-school supplies and clothing, we are plotting out our fall travel plans. You see, we are a homeschool family and travel is one of the many ways we educate our … Read more

KelloggShow Guide To The 6 Best Things To Do In Barcelona with Kids

Include La Sagrada de Familia in your top Things To Do In Barcelona With Kids

We are in Spain. Currently Sort, Catalunya, Spain. A dream has been realized. It has always been a dream of mine to load the entire family up on a plane and fly overseas. The location never much mattered, it was all about the exploration, the newness, the excitement, the unknown. For me, forget about getting … Read more

53 Reasons Why Traveling With 12 Kids In An RV Is Harder Than You Think

Achieve Your Goal

So, for those of you who don’t know, we Travel with 12 Kids, fulltime, it’s our life.  We love it, there is nothing that could possibly bring us closer than traveling the continent in our RV, in search of epic adventures, for sure. And you know, there is no-one we’d rather spend our time with. … Read more

RV America Travel: The Best of Luxury Travel on a Budget

A friend of mine recently re-sent me an article that was published in the Denver Post 3 years ago.  It was, out of all the interviews we’ve ever done, our favorite.  The writer, Jason Blevins, got us, he understood the draw of the wild, of the adventure, of the fun and the family time that … Read more

Newmar Dutch Star 4312: The Good, The Amazing and The Incredible

So we just recently passed our three year mark of full-time travel!  That is a huge milestone!  I mean, seriously, while it has been exceptionally fun and exciting and educational and life altering, it has not been without it’s fair share of challenges. We originally set out to travel periodically and so we bought a … Read more

Top Ten Perks of Life On The Road

The RV industry is riding a major boom and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.  I can tell you I never thought about RVing once in my life and now here we are traveling North America for three full years … with my husband and 12 kids.  Oh my gosh, life … Read more

What About the Medical? – FullTime RV

Traveling for an extended period of time sounds like a dream, sounds like fun, right? We thought so to and so we went and turned it into a reality.  And it is everything we thought it would be and then some! But, with reality comes real life obstacles that you need to deal with.   And, … Read more