Finding the Meaning of Life in Family

Before I was a mom, I knew I was meant to be a mom.  Not a writer, not a career woman, just a mom, plain and simple.  It was all I’ve ever wanted to be and I never thought of anything else. That is until I was in 12th grade scouting colleges and planning my … Read more

Ocoee River Adventure in a Duckie Gets Crazy!!

The other day Cardy, Rowdy and myself, Kady, ran the Ocoee River in a duckie! This was Rowdy’s first time even on this river! I sat in the back, so I was in charge of controlling it, Rowdy in the middle and Cardy paddling in the very front. Rowdy didn’t have a paddle, but Cardy … Read more

Newmar Dutch Star 4312: The Good, The Amazing and The Incredible

So we just recently passed our three year mark of full-time travel!  That is a huge milestone!  I mean, seriously, while it has been exceptionally fun and exciting and educational and life altering, it has not been without it’s fair share of challenges. We originally set out to travel periodically and so we bought a … Read more

Yahoo! Travel: These People Quit Life To Hit the Road in an RV

The Kellogg family: Dan, Susie, Grady, Brody, Kady, Kenny, Dally, Cardy, Maddy, Rowdy, Emmy, Elly, Coby and the dog, Eddy. Missing from picture, oldest daughter Kerry. (Susie Kellogg) It’s hard enough to manage a family of 14 when you live in a house. But can you imagine trying to make it work in an RV? … Read more