Ocoee River Adventure in a Duckie Gets Crazy!!

The other day Cardy, Rowdy and myself, Kady, ran the Ocoee River in a duckie! This was Rowdy’s first time even on this river! I sat in the back, so I was in charge of controlling it, Rowdy in the middle and Cardy paddling in the very front. Rowdy didn’t have a paddle, but Cardy … Read more

7 Steps to Get Started Kayaking

I love kayaking, it’s an amazing sport! It’s one of the most fun sports ever! It’s also a great way to see the world and get outside. I would love to see it grow and to get more people paddling. So I hope these 7 steps will help you Get Started Kayaking. 1: Gear To … Read more

Whitewater Kayaking: River Fun For Everyone

When people think of whitewater kayaking they think of waterfalls and crazy death defying rivers.  But for us, kayaking is one of the most fun sports that we have ever done! Yeah, we run waterfalls and paddle crazy rivers and even compete at high levels of the sport, but in the end it’s really about … Read more