Introducing Kids to Whitewater: Kayaking Kids

Raising kids who aren’t afraid of the water, but instead are drawn to it, was pretty much a natural thing for us. It wasn’t a goal or even a thought, it was just something that was going to happen regardless because we LOVE the water.  Dan & I cannot resist it … we love water! … Read more

The Best Whitewater Paddling Towns in the Colorado Mountains

Summer’s here, the sun is shining and the rivers are rising.  It is prime river sports time here in Colorado and that includes the venerable sport of whitewater kayaking!  Colorado is reknowned for it’s epic kayaking all summer long.  Read on for the 411 on the best kayaking cities and towns in the state! With … Read more

7 Steps to Get Started Kayaking

I love kayaking, it’s an amazing sport! It’s one of the most fun sports ever! It’s also a great way to see the world and get outside. I would love to see it grow and to get more people paddling. So I hope these 7 steps will help you Get Started Kayaking. 1: Gear To … Read more