KelloggShowKids Whitewater Kayaking: Richland Creek

KelloggShowKids Whitewater Kayaking

So we are all back on the road, and so happy about it. It was a long winter without a lot of snow, which will make the kayaking season back in Colorado interesting. But we are so ready to start kayaking and climbing and hiking and biking again, that we all eagerly packed up the … Read more

Van Life: Top 5 Reasons Kayaking Changes Your Life

It’s funny when you look back at your life and see all the things that led to where you are today.  And, you are really lucky if you are able to pinpoint one very decisive moment that set your life in a totally different direction.  Discovering kayaking was one of those life changing events that … Read more

Introducing Kids to Whitewater: Kayaking Kids

Raising kids who aren’t afraid of the water, but instead are drawn to it, was pretty much a natural thing for us. It wasn’t a goal or even a thought, it was just something that was going to happen regardless because we LOVE the water.  Dan & I cannot resist it … we love water! … Read more