Hiking The Appalachian Trail!

Out of my entire family, which is 13 other people, Maddy is the only one who I can find to go hiking with me. They all tell me it’s boring and it’s just walking.  My mom even said she’d rather walk around town and window shop! Who doesn’t like hiking? But, it’s ok because Maddy … Read more

RV’ing is the Only Way to Travel with Kids!

There is absolutely no way, I would ever travel conventionally again, not after having the luxury of traveling via RV.  I mean, seriously.  Airlines suck.  The lines are long, the people crabby, the airlines, stuffy and crowded, the food is awful, and there are no detours or interesting stops along the route.  Trains and Buses … Read more

Cascade, ID: 5 Unbelievable Hidden Gems for Family Travel

Most kayaking families have heard of Cascade, ID. It’s a rural town, with not much going on, but the greatest whitewater park in the West. No lie. At Kelly’s whitewater park, the water is warm, the features are superb. The entire place is so family friendly, every time we visit, there are countless families spending … Read more