RV’ing is the Only Way to Travel with Kids!

There is absolutely no way, I would ever travel conventionally again, not after having the luxury of traveling via RV.  I mean, seriously.  Airlines suck.  The lines are long, the people crabby, the airlines, stuffy and crowded, the food is awful, and there are no detours or interesting stops along the route.  Trains and Buses suck worse because of all the stops and driving your own car sucks the most because it takes forever and it is crazy cramped.

I can honestly say that I was no fan of road tripping and so we didn’t tend to wander far from our home.  Luckily our home is located in a vacation mecca.  We have every outdoor activity imaginable, from whitewater kayaking to biking to climbing and snowboarding … Glenwood Springs, CO has it all!!

But, we were across the country from family.  We were nowhere near the ocean.  And there were hundreds of rivers and rock faces on our lists of must-visit places.  Not to mention that we wanted our kids to see a different way of life, to understand the plight of others and to put their lives in perspective to the rest of the world in order to instill a calling to serve others, not just themselves.

Enter the discovery of RV’ing.  RV’ing is not only the most economical way to travel (which for our large family is essential), it is also the only way to travel.  Take a sneak peak at what it’s like to travel the country with a family of 14 in this video below!!!  Doesn’t it look amazing?  And, if we can do it with 12 kids, you can surely do it and ENJOY it!

6 thoughts on “RV’ing is the Only Way to Travel with Kids!”

  1. That is one sick ride you all acquired. We’ve been looking at middle of the road RV’s and just can’t get to the point where we feel comfortable. Guess it’s time to either mortgage the house or downsize our cars, because I can see us in one of those Newmars.


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