The 7 Most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas

For most of us who enjoy traveling with our families, oftentimes our dream vacation and our budget don’t coincide. Or perhaps you want to party like it’s 1999 while also basking in the love of your spouse on a fun-filled romantic tryst. When your budget can’t spring for an International Trip to Rome, or even NYC, you need look no further than Las Vegas! Here, in the land of luxurious hotels, overindulgence, fine dining and caribbean-esque pools, you can pretend your way to almost anywhere in the world! Check out this list of Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!

You can make Vegas romantic by choosing any of these most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!
Romance is in the air in Vegas … always.

Last year my husband, Dan, and I left the kids behind and took our first couples trip in over 24 years! And this year, we’ve gone again. Both times we went to Las Vegas. The first for adventure and fun with friends, the second, more of a budget friendly romantic trip.

Like many, I never equated Las Vegas with romance. I scoffed at the idea of marrying in a Vegas chapel and never having been there, I would have described the vibe as tacky and depraved.  But then, after our first visit, I discovered that Las Vegas was whatever you wanted it to be. It could be tacky and depraved, but it could also be luxurious and romantic.

I scoured the Internet for inexpensive flights across the US for a mini-vacation for us both, but nothing compared to either the prices of flights to Las Vegas or the lavish hotels that line the strip. That pretty much sealed the deal for us. We booked three nights at the MGM Grand and set out to find the most Romantic Things to Do In Las Vegas.  Here is what we found, sure to woo any significant other!

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Ritzy Hotel Rooms

The hotels rooms on the strip contain some of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!
Entertainment Central.

Yes, let’s go here first. If you are like us and have a young family, you know it is very very hard to find alone time. Add in the fact that we travel in an RV with a gaggle of kids, for 10 months out of every year … and you can probably appreciate our knack for being “crafty” as well as our thrill at finding ourselves alone in a really beautiful hotel room. {wink, wink}

I find luxurious hotels to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac, if you know what I’m saying? Beautiful rooms, gorgeous views, white sheets, palatial tubs, a bottle of bubbly … we spent quite a lot of time in the room. Just sayin … hanging in a hotel room with your spouse is undeniably one of the most Romantic Things To Do In Vegas!

For a more quiet, off the strip locale, you can also check out some interesting Las Vegas Hotels

Caribbean-like Pools

Luxury pool are Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!
Luxury begets romance!

The pools at Vegas Hotels are out of this world, and the MGM Pool is crazy awesome! I literally felt as though I could be at a myriad of upscale island resorts. Servers take your drink orders and return with the most scrumptious, if not outrageously expensive, fruity drinks and all stresses just melt away whilst the sun warms you straight through to your heart.

It was absolutely heavenly to just lay on a lounge chair or float in the pool without worrying about anyone or anything.  This peace is definitely in the Top 10 of Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!

Vegas Shows

Show are some of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!

Arguably, Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. From comedy to magic and music concerts to adult shows, Vegas has it all.

It’s no secret that Las Vegas knows how to go big and seeing that we were staying at the MGM Grand, it only made sense that we’d take in a show there. We chose Cirque Du Soleil’s KA.  From the MGM Website, “KÀ tells the epic tale of twins on a perilous journey to fulfill their shared destiny. A masterpiece in storytelling, this ultra lavish production features mind-bending acrobatics, fierce martial arts, blazing pyrotechnics and jaw-dropping aerial adventures.” Romantic? More mind-blowing, but seeing a show would definitely be one of the top Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas.

Fremont Street

Find a cozy spot to sit and take in the sights and sounds of Fremont St could very well be one of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!
Glamour and glitz all day long!

Definitely the most sparkly street on the planet, Fremont Street is a must-see for anyone wanting an authentic Vegas experience. It’s also surprisingly romantic in it’s simplicity. Ride the zipline, hold hands, people watch, hit up the casino’s, make out, whatever your fancy, Fremont Street is a blast.

Fremont Street makes in onto my list of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas because of Bar 46 at The Golden Nugget. The firepit here offers a more quiet, intimate space, to sit arm and arm while you sip your cocktails and watch the inevitably intriguing entertainment that is Fremont Street.

Couples Massage

A couple massage, the most Romantic Things To Do In Vegas!
So luxuriously amazing!

Oh how I love massages, and regardless of what Dan will tell you, I know he does too. We definitely don’t do this often enough, in fact, I believe we have only had two couples massages in our entire life. Once in Los Angeles, as a birthday gift from my son and his wife and the MGM Grand being the second.

Our bodies are abused in all the crazy activities we engage in. After a winter of snowboarding and ice hockey, I cannot tell you how amazing (and romantic) it was to simply relax and be taken care of. Couples Massage, by anyone’s judgment, is definitely one of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas.

Dinner on the Patio at Costa Di Mare

Patio Dining at the Costa di Mare is one the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas!!
Ooooh, la la. The fanciest dinner I have ever had!

My brother flew out for one night to hang with us in Las Vegas. He almost always stays at The Wynn and prior to our trip he was going on and on about the Costa Di Mare. How much Dan would love it, how good the food was … how addicting it was. Dan splurged one night and surprised me with a reservation here and Oh My gosh, dinner on the patio might possibly rival hanging in the hotel room as one of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas.

The scene is hard to beat. We got dressed up and I felt like a newlywed on my honeymoon. The ambiance is so romantic, the service was World Class and the cuisine is impossible to describe with words.  If you are going to splurge on anything in Las Vegas, this is the place to do so.

Belagio Fountains

Belagio Fountains are one of the great spots in the quest to find the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas.
Super cool and fun!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Bellagio Fountains. If you could remove the hordes of people, or at least pretend they weren’t there, then yes, the Bellagio Fountains themselves would make the list of the most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas. But, you can’t. However, I still include them because they play a part in setting the mood.

For one, they are free. Two, Dan and I danced to the music, which was surprising and delightful. Three, afterward you can move on into the Bellagio, have a drink and dance at the Hyde, a cozy, intimate night club.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas


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