Top 6 Things to do in Venice Beach

I recently went to Venice Beach for 10 days and fell in love with it! There’s such a wide range of things to see and do in this area. There’s the beach, the boardwalk, the pier, the natural beauty and the people. It’s definitely worth checking out, so here’s a list of the top 6 fun things to do in Venice Beach.


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1) Walk around the Venice Boardwalk

There’s so much to see on this ocean front walk. From restaurants to gift shops and clothing stores, to gyms and skaters, and my favorite, the street performers. There’s always street performers entertaining us with magic or singing or painting and you may just remember them for a lifetime. The people on the Venice boardwalk have such amazing talent.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

2) Show off at Muscle Beach

Right along the Venice boardwalk there is an outdoor gym open to the public. It’s a perfect spot for guys and girls to show off their strength and bodies in front of hundreds of people. It’s a fun spot to watch others too. Maybe even meet a hot body builder. 😉

3) Watch the Pro Skaters at the Venice Skatepark

Right on the sand of  Venice Beach is probably the coolest skatepark I’ve ever been too. I was blown away by the age range of the athletes skating at the beach front skatepark. There were older locals who had been skating there since it was built and some young kids who weren’t older than 10. I spent a lot of my time watching the skaters and even met a few guys who took me skating!

Michael Matlock going big at the Venice Beach Skatepark!

4) Ride an Electric Scooter

For some fun and to relax your legs after a long day of walking download the app “Bird” onto your phone. You can then find an electric scooter close to you and ride it for super cheap! They are so much fun and everyone is doing it!

So much beauty here at Venice Beach

5) Go Fishing on the Pier

The Venice Pier is one of the best known places to watch and take pictures of the sunset. And if you’ve never seen the sunset at Venice Beach, you’re missing out. It’s always beautiful. The Venice Pier also makes a great spot for fisherman, because it’s not super crowded. And the best part is no fishing license is required to fish on a California pier. So get yourself a pole and some bait and go fishing!

A beautiful sunset at Venice Beach

6) Surf the waves at Venice Beach

For the true beach experience go to Jay’s Rentals at Venice Beach and rent yourself a surfboard or boogie board and get out on those waves! There’s no excuses allowed! Even if you think the water is too cold or you think you won’t be able to stand up, because they rent wetsuits and offer lessons! So get out there and have some fun!


Hope you enjoy your time at Venice Beach and if you’ve been tell me what your favorite part is!

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  1. I was surprised that there was a lot mentioned. I used to drive by. But never tried any, I’m sorry to say. But next time I’m going to. Thanks for opening my eyes.


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