Building a Cabin – Foundation Materials Arrive

We are building a cabin! For those of you who don’t know, we bought a 36 acre ranch in Sept 2022 as a homestead, a sustainable ranch, as a recreational haven and as our legacy to our children and generations to come. The plan was and is that everyone, if they want, is more than welcome to build on the land. Now Brody, is engaged to Madison and they will be getting married in July 2022! They have decided to build on our land (their land, everyone’s land) and have chosen to build a 40×16 cabin. Exciting! It will be fun to watch our progress building a cabin! To follow along, watch KelloggShow TV.

Back Story

Building a Cabin

After flipping our home in 2021 and making bank we were hell bent on doing it again. I mean, it’s something we are good at, it’s something we enjoy, and we made some good money doing so. After selling it, we began searching high and low for a house to flip. Unfortunately, as you know, the market is so incredibly inflated and the dollar is pretty much garbage right now. Hence, there are no homes (run down or not) being sold that could be flipped for a profit.

In fact, The homes needing TLC are priced ever so slightly below market value … in fact there is a meth home (apartment, actually) in the Denver area that the sellers have determined not to remediate and the price is …$641,000!!! So, we are building a cabin with our son, Brody and his fiancee, Madison.

The Cabin

It will be 40 x16. Today the materials for the foundation arrived. It was exciting for everyone, to say the least. The youngest kids are super stoked that Brody and Madison will be close enough that even they will be able to babysit and dog-sit whenever needed as well as have sleepovers and get to see the both of them often. We are excited to be able to continue being involved in their everyday lives. And the older kids? Well, Brody is an integral part of Minty Motos, so having him close means business will continue as usual.

Materials for the Foundation

When building a cabin, you have to start with a foundation. We chose a cinderblock foundation.

In case you are wondering what we bought to lay the foundation, here are the materials:

  1. 172 Bags of Concrete at $4.47 each for a total of – $768.84
  2. 410 – 16″x18″ Cinder Blocks at $2.47 each for a total of  – $1,012.70
  3. 6 – 1/2″x20′ #4 Rebar
  4. Cement Mixer – 4 cu ft 0.5-HP – $379
  5. Concrete Form – 24 2x6x8 – $15.68 each for a total of $376.32
  6. Concrete Form – 4, 2x6x10 at $19.58 each for a total of $78.32
  7. 420′ Strong for a total of $3.48

Grand total of $2,618.66, including delivery and sales tax.

So here we go … the staking starts Friday, 5/6/2022 and we have a trackhoe coming on Saturday. Be sure to follow us on Youtube to watch our progress and learn how you can do the exact same thing!!!

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