The Most Epic Homeschool Curriculum … is FREE!!

One of the top questions we are asked is about our kids and school, like “how do you travel all the time?  Aren’t your kids in school?” Ah, dude, I think … “the world is their school, life is their teacher, and they are already so beyond where I was when I was their age. … Read more

Roadschool: Turn Remote Learning Into Something Exciting for Kids

Remote Learning through travel!

Life these days looks very different than it did a few years ago. Every parent and child knows the keywords, roadschool, homeschool and remote learning.  Many are turning this newfound freedom into a perpetual roadtrip and roadschool extravaganza! I mean, why not make the most of remote learning and both educate and engage them in … Read more

Houston With Kids: Aquarium and Discovery Green – KelloggShow

Today we spent the day in Downtown Houston, TX where we were accompanied by, quite possibly, the best guide in the state … my cousin, Sean. At any rate, we spent a few hours at the Downtown Aquarium where we saw Pirhanas and Pythons and everything in between.  I don’t know about you, but I … Read more

7 Amazing Free Things To Do – City of Boston

Free Boston

You know us, no plans Sally, so when we found ourselves heading toward Boston, MA the wheels started turning and we started planning a great educational jaunt of exactly one day into one of America’s earliest cities!!!  Fun education is our motto, like, don’t let them know they are learning so that when they are … Read more