Best Workout Tanks for Every Type of Woman!

Workout.  It’s my humble opinion that every woman who hits the gym should possess clothes that make her excited to do so. Workout clothes, that make you feel good, that are comfortable and flattering and even inspirational.  I mean, if you are going to sweat to death, you might as well wear clothes that show off all the hard work you do, right?  Read on for the Workout Tanks that are going to break the Internet.

Workout Tanks


I hate working out.  Not gonna lie, I hate it and I dread it.  Like the plague.  I do.  I dread it like I would dread contracting leprosy.  I literally have to talk myself up, I have to tell my brain to shut up because it has like a gazillion reasons I don’t have to do it.  Reasons like, I had a bad day, I don’t feel so great, I should be playing with the kids, I should be cleaning something, anything, cuz God knows my house needs to be cleaned ALL the Damn time, I will just start tomorrow (my brain convinced me just today to start up again tomorrow) … my brain can justify and rationalize anything if you give it half a chance.

And so, I can’t listen.  I have to tell myself, “brain, shut-it, Susie just do this.” And sometimes I do.  And on those some times, I like to look cute, I like to feel good before I start because I know I’ll feel like death after.  D.E.A.T.H. Mostly cuz I don’t understand the concept of pacing myself.  I go hard out the gate and then drop.

Which, ladies, is why I love both my pre-workout slayer drink and HIIT.  Hiit is, at most really, a whopping 30 minutes, not 90 or more, like P90X.  P90X was too long, I got bored while killing myself. I couldn’t stay on track, I couldn’t, so I’d always quit around week 3.

now HIIT is different.  I still get bored while dying, but it’s quick … I mean who can’t endure for 30 minutes or less, really.  And besides, I have friends who only do HIIT workouts and they are hot as shit, so if it works for them, it will work for me.  So HIIT it is.

Now, before I get ahead of myself, I gotta tell you I am the queen of online shopping.  I rarely, if ever, step foot into a store.  It’s hot and they always smell and people drive me crazy.

I’m sure you are thinking, “OK.  You went off track, Suzs.”  Snapping your fingers, but no, I have a point to that seeming diversion.  Before I do HIIT, I shop, online, because my brain tells me I need a new workout tank stat, like before I begin.

So here, right now, I’m going to share my faves that I’ve found while stalking the Internet avoiding working out.  You are gonna love me after this, you really are.  I mean, who doesn’t need a shirt that kicks you in the butt when you look in the mirror and are like, “I’m dying.”  Right?  So here we go …

Table of Contents

Champagne Lovers Tank

Workout Tank
Too dang cute!

Ummm, this is everyone, right?  Champagne is good with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Everyone, right now, click this link and have your Credit Card Ready cuz this workout tank is legit!

Swole Mates

Workout Tanks
I love these, I think they are so cute!!

So Brody and his best friend, Sepp, got tanks that say Swole Mates on them for Christmas from Sepp’s sister.  When I saw them I immediately thought, Dan and I … but I was shot down.  Not a chance he wants to be twinsies with me, but I need someone some where to buy these with me!!  Come on, they are sooooo cool right??? And I love the gray … it’s pretty.

Bombshell! Literally (get the matching pants!)

Workout Tanks
Some day, y’all, some day soon!!

So, now, if you’ve been working out and your body is savage, this is the workout tank for you.  I am not there yet, but I have this posted on my refrigerator and on the mirror in my bathroom, because this is what I’m talking about when I say #goals on facebook.  Let me add, too, if you buy this bootylicious tank, buy the matching pants!!


Pregnant Athletes (adorable)

Awwww, I would even workout with this Tank!!
Awwww, I would even workout with this Tank!!

Are you expecting? If you are, I’m jealous as there is no more amazing feeling than carrying your child in your womb and then feeling him or her kick and flip … oh life is so so so precious.  I am one of those women who loved being pregnant and I felt amazing – I was on a natural high for about 6 months of the 9!

At any rate, this is an adorable shirt for yourself, or your knocked-up workout junkie friend!  Isn’t is adorable?!?!

Wine Lovers:

Workout Tank
Wine has mega calories, so if you drink it you gotta work out, I mean, maybe …

Soooo, again, everyone must have this shirt.  Actually, truth be told, I am not a wine lover, I prefer champagne and vodka, but I sure have never turned down a glass, so … don’t judge too harshly!!

The Confident:

Workout Tank
Love. This.

Got the cojones to wear this to the gym?  More power to you, hot mama!


Getting Married?

Workout Tanks

I love the color, the sweetness, the femininity, the girliness, everything about this tank.



Workout Tanks

Of all of them, I love this the most.  I’m actually buying this one … to wear even when NOT working out, which is most days.  LOL



Workout Tanks
So so so cute and it’s 2-in-1, so I can kind of justify the cost … kind of!!

Athleta has some beautiful workout clothes, they are a little pricey, for sure, which is why I own exactly zero Athleta tanks, but if I were going to splurge on workout clothes, it would be this 2-in-1 cute number right here!!  🙂


Workout Tanks

I love this.  I mean all to often we are entirely too hard on ourselves, right?  We beat ourselves up over the most minor of things.  This tank is a great reminder that we are the children of the Almighty God.

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