Prayer Warriors …

You guys!  You guys have been so wonderful, so giving of your time in offering up your prayers for us all, but especially for our little smaller-than-a-pea baby with a heartbeat… I’m so devastated to tell you that, in this instance, it seems God’s final word was no.  Things started happening today around 1 pm … Read more

Miracles Still Happen

Everything looks good!  I am overwhelmed with JOY.  We are screaming from the mountains, so incredibly relieved and happy and THANKFUL! As you all know, I am one who believes wholeheartedly in the power of prayer, I really am.  I’ve seen it in action many times. However, I’m also well aware that God’s answer is, … Read more

Coby Rolls Over

So, while filming we thought it was the first time Coby ever rolled, HOWEVER, he was entirely too good at it, he even rolled himself off the bed! Not good! It’s cute overload though AND then, we kill it on the BURLEY Columbus Wave … if you haven’t been there, you MUST!