Miracles Still Happen

Everything looks good!  I am overwhelmed with JOY.  We are screaming from the mountains, so incredibly relieved and happy and THANKFUL!

As you all know, I am one who believes wholeheartedly in the power of prayer, I really am.  I’ve seen it in action many times.

However, I’m also well aware that God’s answer is, on occasion … NO.

Which is why I guess I was a little doubtful, given my symptoms that anything, could save our baby.  I was certain I was in the throes of a miscarriage … has one ever been halted?  This one, by the power of prayer, certainly was.

Once again, I’m deeply humbled to say, I was WRONG to doubt.  All the prayers from across the world literally saved and protected our little baby!

There are a gazillion reasons why I may be bleeding, but for now, all looks positive.  The gestational sac is round and there was a heartbeat.  This is a miracle, folks!  One of St. Anthony proportion … and to be sure, I laid a lot of this at his feet, and at the feet of St. Gerard Majella.

In fact, this baby will bear their names, in one form or another!

Now, I am way earlier in this pregnancy than I thought, a mere 5 weeks, 5 days, but there was still a flicker of a heartbeat…the best you could expect from such an early scan of a baby who is no larger than a pea!  A pea, with a heartbeat!!  🙂

And that my friends is such fantastic news!!

I can’t even begin to express our gratitude, our appreciation and our love for those who have prayed for our sweet baby.  I’ve searched for the words, there just are none.

I have raw emotion, if you saw any one of us, you’d know how thankful, how beholden, how grateful we feel to our prayer warriors!

I’m overwhelmed by the heartfelt compassion, love and support …we will never forget, never ever forget how so many banded together and flooded Heaven with petitions on behalf of a baby the size of a pea.

My friends, this is truly a miracle!  I could go into great detail to describe my symptoms, but trust me when I say, we witnessed a miracle today!

Please continue your fervent prayers over the next week and beyond, if you can, as we have a scan next Tuesday to ensure all is well, but I know by the peace God has placed within me (thanks to all of you) that all will be fine.

From the deepest regions of our hearts … thank you!!

4 thoughts on “Miracles Still Happen”

    • Thank you Andy, the prayers offered up were heard. WE are over the moon. Thank you so much for your friendship, you are right, God is good … ALL the time!!! xoxox



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