Adventure Family: Backcountry Sledding

I’ve been saying for years that parenting is the original life hack, but no-one listens to me, they think I’m crazy, or worse, lying  But let me ask you, in what other career, job, universe do adults get to play and relive the best parts of  their childhood?  I think, I really really think, that parenting … Read more

7 Awesomely Romantic Fall Date Ideas for Couples!

Ahhh, the smells, the sounds, the pumpkin lattes, apple cider and sweatshirts that depict fall are all here.  Fall, is my oldest daughter’s favorite season, she loves the colors and she loves that she gets to pull out a new wardrobe that consists almost entirely of jeans, leggings and her favorite … sweaters.  It’s also … Read more

10 Year Old’s Exciting Week Kayaking the Ocoee River!

Earlier this fall, my family and I got to kayak the Ocoee in Tennessee for a little over a week. It was about 10 days, I think.  I love the Ocoee. It is such a fun river, definitely my favorite of all the rivers I’ve run. I ran it every single day that it was … Read more