Adventure Family: Backcountry Sledding

I’ve been saying for years that parenting is the original life hack, but no-one listens to me, they think I’m crazy, or worse, lying  But let me ask you, in what other career, job, universe do adults get to play and relive the best parts of  their childhood?  I think, I really really think, that parenting should be looked at differently by society.  Yes, it’s hard, but think of the rewards, think of the contribution to society, think of the love and lifelong companions … and think of the fun.

If we didn’t have kids, we wouldn’t do half the fun things we get to do on a daily basis … like backcountry sledding.  We would never make the effort to go sledding, in the backcountry … not ever, but we did and do because we have kids and we have learned that variety is the spice of life.  So stop looking at parenting as a totally thankless job and start looking at it as the holy grail to youth.  🙂

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