Without Suffering, There is No Growth

Suffering brings us to our dreams.

Vegas Baby!!  We went. If you pay attention to our blog, you probably know this. If not, it’s a pretty huge deal that Dan and I took 3 days and hit Las Vegas all by ourselves.  No. Kids.  We have never ever, not ever, taken a trip without our kids, not since our honeymoon anyway. … Read more

How To Reclaim Your Life and Go After Your Dreams!

Happy Monday!!!  Yes, it is happy, even though it’s Monday.  It’s another gifted day of life, it’s another opportunity to do good, another chance to make a difference, to have fun and create memories with our children, to grow closer to God and to each other.  Monday’s signal a new start, the beginning of a … Read more

Are You Living an Inspiring Life or Are You Chasing Bank?


So many people lately have been emailing, Facebooking, tweeting, Instagramming, snapping and whatever else lately thanking us for sharing our story, our lives, and our “inspiring” way of life.   For whatever reason, the floodgates opened and we started hearing from parents, grandparents and even a dozen or so kids!  Maybe it’s the coming of … Read more