How To Reclaim Your Life and Go After Your Dreams!

Happy Monday!!!  Yes, it is happy, even though it’s Monday.  It’s another gifted day of life, it’s another opportunity to do good, another chance to make a difference, to have fun and create memories with our children, to grow closer to God and to each other.  Monday’s signal a new start, the beginning of a new week … a clean slate!

We fill our days with joy and laughter and everything else is secondary!

If you ever spend Sunday dreading what’s to come when you wake the next morning, you are doing something wrong.  Plain and simple, you are not doing with your life what you were put here on earth to do.  If you don’t wake in the morning feeling super charged about what the day has in store, it is time to make a change.

You were not put here on earth to simply pay bills, you realize that, right?  You have a purpose and if you aren’t fulfilling it, if you don’t have high expectations, if you don’t have a clear direction toward that purpose, something is amiss.

We started out our lives together, Dan and I, the way every other couple does.  We both had jobs, we both were in college debt up to our eyeballs, we barely had two pennies to rub together, and while other people may look back on those years as easy, they were anything but.  Being poor sucks!  And then we had our beautiful baby girl, Kerry.  I quit working and we became even more poor, fulfilled, but poor!

A single income in a double income world is akin to impossible, but we kept working at it. Dan worked his way up the ladder, getting promotion after promotion, but never hitting that holy grail of a salary.  And, he was miserable.  Donning a suit every morning, making a 1.5 hour commute to work and then again to home.  He was like a robot, he did the same thing every day.  Every. Single. Day.

For what?  For a paycheck? A pittance of what we needed.  This, we thought, was the epitome of stupidity.  This was not the life we wanted.  We were so determined to not do the 9-5, cubicle coma, soul sucking rat race, that we started business after business.  We churned ideas day and night.

Some were mildly successful, others utter failures, but the point is we never stopped trying.  Ever.  Fast forward to today and we’ve successfully avoided the longterm pitfalls that we identified as being unacceptable early on.

Which brings me to the number ONE question asked of us by hundreds, if not thousands.

“How do you make near fulltime travel with 12 kids a reality?”

People assume we are either wealthy or on public assistance … as if there is some government program that hands out free RV’s and travel itineraries!


I get it though, in this day and age, it seems like everyone is struggling, living paycheck to paycheck and not really thriving, but rather, more like surviving.  So how is it that we, a huge family, with exorbitant expenses, can travel like we do?

Big Family Travels
All 14 of us in a photo, all dressed up … never happens, doesn’t even look like us!! 🙂

Truthfully?  We just do it.  We have dreams and we go after them.  And we find ways to financially support these dreams.

And the fact remains that our having 12 kids means we need much much MUCH more money than the vast majority of families out there, which just proves, with a little motivation, some great mentors and a dream … YOU can do whatever you want to do!!  Including achieving financial freedom!

But today you feel stuck in this rut.  We know how y’all feel.  As the years go by and your age continues to creep upward, becoming financially free seems to become more and more of a pipedream than anything close to reality.  Acceptance and complacency become both life sustaining and dream crushing.

But Wake up Kids!!  It doesn’t have to be this way. Today is Monday, a new slate.  Anything can happen today.  You can lay the groundwork right this second for that which you’ll reap tomorrow!

Love life!
Making Life Great, no excuses, no limits!

None of us have to accept the 9-5 rat race, we don’t have to push papers all day for a company that could not give two sh**s about us.  We don’t have to live with fear and loathing of Mondays, our two weeks of vacation, even sick days.  Every day can and should be a GREAT day, a vacation day, a day to exclaim goodness!  If this is not the case … do something, anything, about it!

We all have the ability to change the course of our lives, at any given moment …

You should never forget this. Not ever.  You are the captain of your ship, if you are living a life that is anything less than living your dreams, it is by choice.  By choice.

Sure, you have a gazillion reasons as to why you can’t quit your job, lose weight, get fit, earn more.  And they are the same excuses everyone else in the rat race has … kids, health, money, age, work, too busy … but excuses are just excuses, they aren’t reality because reality is fluid, it’s constantly changing.

But. What if.  What if you removed all the excuses, eliminated the fear and bet on yourself?  Changed your own reality?  Said, “Enough is enough.”  “I’m going to go for it!?   I mean, what is the worst that can happen?  Failure?  Join the club.  Everyone falls on their faces, but successful people get back up!

The Good Life
Spending quality time with my kids … most important part of my life!

As a parent, I have seen the difference in children whose parents live fulfilling lives with time to devote to their families, and those children whose parents schlepp begrudgingly to work, too tired to do much else at the end of the day then sit in a chair and watch TV.

Shoot I’ve seen the difference in my own children since we dumped the societal expectations and forged our own path!  They are happier, they are freer, they feel empowered to chase their own dreams, they aren’t plagued with fear of the unknown.  Man, our kids are the embodiment of strength and character, man. They will fall, but they will bounce higher after than ever before!

So to all you dreamers, I say, “Go For It!”  We aren’t creatures of circumstances, the life we were born into, the city, the town, the career we chose, our bank account, our self-worth, it’s not set in stone.

We are creatures of change, we adapt, we dream, we keep moving forward … stagnicity is our enemy.  It’s where fear and doubt and excuses live.

So what’s the easiest way to start moving toward your dream?  Find someone who is living it and befriend them, watch them, question them, learn from them, emulate them!  Do what they are doing! Copy success!  The fastest route to financial freedom is through another’s success.

If you don’t know anyone?  Start reading.  I highly recommend “The Four Hour Work Week.”  It will put your mind where it needs to be, motivated to do the unexpected.

Motivated to huck the chains that have bound you to a desk for so long!  Can you imagine working only 4 hours per week and having all the time in the world to do whatever you want?  Can you even imagine that?  If you can’t you need the book more than you think, if you can, the book will help you reach that vision!

And don’t forget, you have us, you always have us.  We don’t know everything, but we keep learning and we do know a TON about following our dreams, creating mobile income, and traveling with kids … so don’t be afraid to hit us up.  We LOVE our KelloggShow family!!  🙂  Many of you have been with us from the start and we want to be a vehicle of change!

Today’s a brand new day!  Make something happen for you, for your family, for your future!!!

Do something, order a book, email a friend, write a list of your dreams, gather your family and motivate them … do something TODAY to get the wheels churning and then … do more tomorrow!

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  1. This post spoke to my heart. I’m “hitting you up”, and would love to bounce a few ideas off of you, Susie, via private email. I’ve been lurking and reading your blog for over a year, now. Kyrie Eleison and blessings to you!


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