KelloggShow Family: Lifestyles Of The Rich in Spirit

Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit

We all run into two different types of people in life, risk takers, and those who play it safe. The risk takers seize the day, they run taking seemingly uninhibited leaps off the edges of cliffs. They are excited to throw themselves into the unknown – new businesses, new opportunities, new ¬†locations. Those who play … Read more

5 Things We Love Since We Quit Society!

The falls at Hanging Lake, Colorado

When we quit society, turning our backs on expectations and being authentic to ourselves, our family and our faith it was truly one of the bravest, and most exhilarating experiences of our life! ¬†It was not easy, taking a road way less traveled. It was hard and scary taking our kids down a path that … Read more


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