KelloggShow Family: Lifestyles Of The Rich in Spirit

Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit

We all run into two different types of people in life, risk takers, and those who play it safe. The risk takers seize the day, they run taking seemingly uninhibited leaps off the edges of cliffs. They are excited to throw themselves into the unknown – new businesses, new opportunities, new ┬álocations. Those who play … Read more

Kellogg family are on a five-year road trip with 12 kids – Daily Mail Online

5 Year Roadtrip

Follow the Link to the Full Story on The Daily Mail … This couple gave up their Colorado home and jobs back in 2012 to live in an RV and roam across America with their 12 children in what was supposed to be a ‘fun vacation’. But five years on, the Kellogg family are still … Read more