You Can Judge Me!

I read the BEST blog the other day, it was fun and funny and totally a tongue-in-cheek, laugh at yourself blog — which, by the way, is my specialty! The basic premise was that moms love to judge other moms, we raise ourselves by scoffing at others. It’s true, admit it! It’s not all bad, we can learn a lot from other moms and we can also figure out our own parenting philosophies. It’s also an ingrained character trait … I’m the mom of 6 boys and 5 girls — my girls can be catty, vindictive, grudge holding little b’s. My boys fight, but it’s a punch and then done. Past transgressions are never regurgitated. Maybe boys’ memories just aren’t as good, I dunno, but I know I’m guilty as hell. So, here you go, I’m going to air my dirty laundry out here in public, the raw naked truth — grab a cocktail and sit back — this should prove to be GREAT fun!!

1) My kids play Grand Theft Auto. Yep, the R-rated, run from the cops, shoot the cops, buy drugs PS3 game … they have it and they all play it. I won’t justify it.

2) I listen to Eminem and countless other less-than child friendly artists and don’t opt for the clean versions — explicit is the only way to enjoy Marshall Mathers. Again, I won’t justify!

3) I’ve been known to serve Ice Cream, Cake, or other empty calorie selections for dinner. Judge me!

4) I have an explosive temper. I yell when I’m mad; I throw things when I’m mad; I say bad things when I’m mad; I’m not a good Catholic when I’m mad. In my defense (justification), my anger is fleeting.

5) Not proud, but I’ve pretended to be sick, just to get a break! I never ever EVER get sick and so, once or twice, I’ve claimed to be too sick to be a mommy and just gone to bed. Of course the special treatment I get from everybody is awesome too!

I think 5 is enough for now, don’t you? There are countless other things I could list, like the speed I drive, the fact that I talk about our extended family in front of the kids, and the fact that we are still trying to finish up the 2011-2012 school year!!! But, in parenting, balance is key. Perfection is not something I’ve ever strived for … I want to raise happy, fun-loving, carefree kids who grow to be great adults. I want to enjoy being a mom, I want to have fun and if that means I don’t police my every move, then so be it!!

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13 thoughts on “You Can Judge Me!”

  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. My kids are normal kids, they aren’t raised in a perfect home either! Laundry is all over the place, the house is often dirty, I scream and holler like a crazy person all day long. My husband and I fight in front of them. They have just enough dysfunction to be completely average people and average is awesome in my book.

  2. We have al ot more in common than I realized! Have a great year, and if you make it our way, music, R rated games and potty mouths are welcome!

    • LOL, we will be making our way out to you … not sure when, but it WILL happen. Prolly Feb time frame so we can check out the rivers and maybe snowboard all in the same trip!!! It was awesome getting to know ya’ll better, thanks so much for your generosity in lending Grady Matt’s boat … he just picked his new one up. :)) And Sage was instrumental in helping Kady gain confidence this season!!!

  3. You listem to Eminem? Seriously? I will judge you for your poor taste in music but hail you for your other faults. We will never finish the 2011/12 school year, of that I’m certain!

  4. This is incredible. You rock and are my hero!! I have a temper that can beat all tempers. I literally have put holes in walls. Hell yeah, for Irish Catholic mommies who try their best, but are cursed by hot tempered blood!

  5. You’ve got to be kidding? You are so multi-faceted, I feel so much better now. I really thought you were perfect, the ultimate mother, so glad to read that you are seriously an epic mom but fall short of perfection. And then to read that you don’t strive for perfection, now I adore you so much more. ROTFLMAO!

  6. You fake sick. That is my favorite admission of all time. Girl, you should have built-in sick days. So should Dan. I love your family and I so am scouring the highways in NC when you indicate you’re crossing over the border. PS – Your book, drew me out of hell. You’re a kick-ass chick!

  7. LOL, ha ha, this is so great. All us moms ought to write a blog like this and give it to new moms. The pressure to be perfect is so intense. Yes, I give my kids cereal for dinner or go to McDonald’s at least once per week. I forget to brush their teeth, I have smacked them out of anger, I have told my teen she’s acting like a bitch and I have faked being sick too. I laughed so hard when I read that! ha ha ha Great flippin blog momma!

  8. Love this b/c I’m always feeling like I’m the worst single mom/stay at home/homeschooling mom ever! I love hearing that ur not perfect – and don’t wan to be – especially when I’m feeling horrible b/c I just yelled at someone!

  9. I too love Eminem and other rap music.
    I have six kids. I have taught them all to watch DAys of Our Lives. but unfortunately I can not stand a messy house.
    Just found you and My boyfriend has tried to do talk me into doing the same thing with our family for years


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