The Kayaking Kelloggs

There was an awesome article in the Post Independent today about our family: The Kayaking Kelloggs.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — Family bonding comes in many forms for the Kelloggs.

The Glenwood Springs family snowboards, dirt bikes and dabbles in select traditional sports as a unit.

Perhaps chief among their outdoor pastimes, though, is kayaking. And it’s a passion that’s paying off in a big way.

Four of Dan and Susie Kellogg’s 11 children competed at the recent North American Whitewater Junior Olympics Festival in Lyons.

“The boys cleaned house,” Susie proudly proclaimed via email.

Cleaned house sums up the Kelloggs’ efforts accurately enough.

Brody, 14, qualified for the national cadet freestyle kayaking team by finishing second in the advanced freestyle standings. He also took first in downriver competition, first in slalom sprint, first in cadet slalom and third in cadet sladeo (slalom racing and rodeo).

Grady, 15, topped the junior division in slalom sprint, slalom, downriver and nabbed third in advanced freestyle.

Kenny, 11, was a force in the cadet category, claiming first in freestyle, second in downriver and third in slalom sprint, slalom and sladeo.

Dally, 9, won the cub cadet downriver race and placed second in both the freestyle and slalom sprint competitions.

The freestyle result reigned above the rest for Brody, who proudly sported his national team sweatshirt on a rainy Tuesday.

“I was proud,” he said.

Brody then recapped the series of tricks he performed.

“I made sure I got my basics down first, like my spins and then my shove its. And then the Space Godzilla.”

Brody and his siblings hone those tricks most every day at Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park, a spot they’ve been hitting up for a few years now. Their dad introduced them to the sport.

“We pretty much got started after they built this feature here,” Dan said. “They’re better than I am already.”

And he hopes they continue to widen that talent gap.

“I’m very proud of them,” he said.

Much lies on the horizon for the talented Kelloggs.

Next year, Grady will gun for a worlds berth on the Nantahala River in North Carolina.

Until then, though, Grady and his siblings will continue to splash around on local waters. That means ample time for bonding.

“It’s fun and we get to spend some time together,” Brody said.

Next up for the kayaking Kelloggs is the Glenwood Ender, which is slated to take place at the local wave in September. The Junior Olympics quartet will be joined by 12-year-old sister Kady in that one.

Further proof that, as put by young Dally, kayaking is “a family thing.”

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