Singer/Songwriter Competition

Crazy Elly antics coincide with Steve’s Guitars Annual Singer/Songwriter Competition in which Kerry is a contestant. Her song was written by her … both lyrics and music! Amazing … we are very proud of her as she is sooo talented!! =0 Be sure to rate and sub!!!

10 thoughts on “Singer/Songwriter Competition”

  1. You’re family is so full of talent. From kayaking to snowboarding to singing to songwriting. I am absolutely flabbergasted, i’ve never seen anything like this. I know a family with 9 children and they are their mother’s slave. I rarely leave comments anywhere, but I am floored by how cohesive you are. God Blessed you abundantly.

  2. hey there,
    Just found you on Google. Killer voice you have. I’m a rising singer/songwriter – I may start blogging myself or launch a web site! Many thanks

  3. She has some serious talent. Great voice, even on a crappy recording, lyrics kick ass, and she’s gorgeous to boot. She’ll go places.


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