Detox – The Transition from Toxicity and Acidity to Health and Alkalinity!

I consider myself a health food fanatic, I really do, though I have always found eating healthy both cumbersome as well as financially unfeasible.  It’s impossible to go out with friends and not have a cocktail, right?  And it’s so much cheaper to buy a bag of chips than a bag of cherries.  And so, I would start off with a bang only to end in a bust.  It was frustrating because I plan on living forever and don’t want to do so with a faltering body, I’m terrified of disease like cancer and I’m smart enough to know the way I eat is causing my kidney stones, making me tired and listless and helping me look it with these bags and dark circles.  I can’t grow my nails, I’m constantly dehydrated, moody and experience occasional anxiety.  Further, I want my kids to be healthy and my flip flopping, starting and stopping health kicks is confusing and frustrating for them!  “Wait, today is dairy ok?  Really?”

So what’s a girl to do?   Finally, and I don’t say that lightly, I am in a spot where I have conquered mentally the huge hurdle of healthy eating and have fully devoted myself to this lifestyle.  How?  I would do anything for my children, anything, and this I am doing for them.  I have kids 17 years apart from start to finish and my oldest deserves a vibrant, energetic mom who will be around to participate in not only her life, but her children’s and grandchildren’s lives as well.  My youngest and everyone in between deserves to have their mom at their high school graduation, their weddings and in their children’s and grandschildren’s lives as well.  My job as a mom will never ever be done and I refuse to leave this earth before I’m ready.

So that was my catalyst for this complete and utter devotion.  So now amidst bbq’s and Happy Hour, Im the chick chomping on raw red peppers and sipping grape juice or lemon water.  Granted, this is brand new (1 week in) but I feel the difference in my head, in my mind and my body is craving this so all my cocktail biotches, I’ll accompany, and I’ll be crazy … you’ll never know I’m not 3 sheets to the wind … but I’ll also be healthy.   I attribute much of my mind conquest to the LifeRegenerator on YouTube and to the book The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Food and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration by Robert S. Norse.  It’s fantastic!!  A complete biology, chemistry and physics lesson to help you understand WHY this is the route to go for perfect clean health.  The more you read, the more you understand, the easier it is to stay on track.  The LifeRegenerator keeps me motivated and excited about being healthy and getting back to my pre-11 kids body.

So with all that said, what’s it like this going raw thing?  Well, to use an overused phrase, it’s a roller coaster.  One minute I’m desperately craving cheese (of all things) or chocolate (completely understandable) and the next I feel like i don’t need anything at all, completely satiated on water.  The weirdest thing is that when I have these cravings, they honestly go away the minute I drink a glass of fresh juiced grapefruit.  I also am experiencing some not so great leg pain, some fatigue (but just like before, I have no idea if it’s diet related or the fact that life with 11 kids is relentless) and I’m a tad bit edgy.  But on the good side, I wake up not feeling tired, I have energy during the day without being bogged down by the weight of cooked food, junk food and everything in between.  I can eat as much fruit and as many veggies as I can gorge myself with and never ever get that listless feeling of being stuffed and unable to move…that is fantastic.  I also get to feel like the hippie I am, another plus.  I’m a conservative, a libertarian, if you will, and a complete and utter live off the lands, organic clothes, body products (much to my kids chagrine we even use paraben free, aluminum free deoderant), you name it, it’s as chemical free as possible.  I am an Oxymoron!

So, if you’re about to embark on this journey and need a few pointers, feel free to message me, I love to share even my limited spectrum of knowledge.  Check out the LifeRegenerator on YouTube, (and while your at it, feel free to visit KelloggShow and KelloggShowKids on YouTube as well), and read the above mentioned book as well as anything else you can get your hands on.  My diet is NOT a detox diet per se, it’s a health diet, its a raw foods diet.  You will not believe the myths you will debunk in terms of what you believe to be food that is good for you and what is actually good for you.  You will be floored and it will compel you to continue to research, simply to call these ND’s quacks, but surprisingly they are intelligent life forms who understand the way God designed your body better than anyone else!  Every “disease” can be linked to acidity, don’t treat the symptoms, eliminate the cause.

I’m planning on still being around in 2074 … I’ll be 100 then and I don’t plan on stopping my current lifestyle. We know someone who is 94 who still snowboards and still rafts!!!  I wonder what he eats??

15 thoughts on “Detox – The Transition from Toxicity and Acidity to Health and Alkalinity!”

  1. It is mind boggling when you get into health and go beyond the nonsense you are fed by everyone around you. I agree, I was shocked to learn what i did. Keep delving deeper, every single illness ever known to man is due to diet.

  2. You look fantastic. 11 kids, is beyond my ability to comprehend, but the way you look is too. I have 2 kids, 8, 12 and I am 230 lbs, 5’2″. I’m obese. I need to keep saying this because in my mind I’m still 24 and 135 lbs. I need to try this, I have so many “issues”, I just ordered the book you recommended, a RAW cookbook and I’m starting now, this minute.

  3. How in the world do you have the strength to go on from day to day with 11 kids? I am floored by you and your family. Do you ever break down? Do you ever complain? Do you have parents that help out a lot? I never see extended family, is there a story behind that? How do you eat only fruits and veggies and have any energy to face the day? I am, by nature, a negative stressed out person and it is taking its toll on my life – I am sick and getting sicker. I am going to buy this book you suggest as the first step toward my recovery. I don’t know how you do it, but i want half your energy, so I am going to try this out.

    • Definitely try it … I feel very energized lately after having started … going on day 10!!! =0 We don’t have any family close by, the closest are in TX. =0 We’ll be going there in November!! Can’t wait.

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  5. Ola! Kelloggshow,
    Interesting Thoughts, Feel stuffed up, had wicked headache, all ok but I still have to function in the world! Any suggestions for easing the transition?
    Best Wishes, Amanda

  6. Would you mind if I shared this post on my webpage? I will give you a linkback. I’m just now going through my first detox at age 67 and I am very excited. I have been diagnosed with lymphoma and I have never been so optimistic about a favorable income in my life. Thank you and God Bless.


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