– How to Find Out Who Unsubbed You on YouTube!

Finally there is a way to determine who the bleep is unsubbing your channel on Youtube.  The first release of has hit the scene and the demand on the servers has been mind blowing.  No-one can resist the temptation to find our who is not returning the YouTube love.

YouTube is a funny beast, a brilliant, amazing tool, that can bring people from across the globe together and I definitely am one of those people who believes to have met and befriended some amazing people.  I put quite a bit of effort into my subscriptions.  I spend time watching their videos when I could be showering or eating or sleeping, I comment on their videos, I rate their videos and I tend to feel a personal relationship with the video maker.  HOWEVER, hello, I make videos too and much like in the real world there are some takers on the YouTube scene.  People who only want you to watch their videos and comment on their videos and rate their videos, but don’t take the 10 minutes to do the same for you.  I guess its the whole “Don’t Cast Your Pearl Amongst Swine” thing for me.  I don’t want to waste my time investing in a person (channel) only to find out they are not intending to reciprocate, to build a semi/quasi relationship, but rather are merely robbers of my time.  There are alternatives for me.  I could brush my teeth or arrange my sock drawer or God forbid, fold a load of laundry.

I guess my point is this: We all know those people in real life, why on earth do we want to invest in them in cyber space?  So goodbye time sucking, non friend returning, spotlight taking, leeches that I’m subbed to.  Instead of watching your channels any longer I opt to do a few jumping jacks, you know invest some of that wasted time back into ME!  =0

So, even if you claim to not be interested, I know you’ll be stopping by — it’s that rubber necking curiosity that is instilled in all of us!!  So drop by SubSavvy today … there are hundreds of new services coming in the upcoming weeks that will surely knock your socks off!!

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