Weight Loss For THE Dummy (me)

yep, I’m committed. I’m just gonna do it. You know what the catalyst was? I was listening to someone lament how no matter what they did they were overweight. It’s the same thing to listen to someone bemoan the fact that they can’t gain weight, only slightly less annoying! =0 Is that really a problem? Eat all the cookies you want and darn it, still skinny? What a horrible lot in life, eh?? We are not victims of our bodies, if you are too fat, you eat too much and don’t excercise enough … period. Sure genes play a role, but it just means you have to work that much harder.

I eat too much junk. Funny because I’m a health food nut, but I supplement the healthy food with all the crappy food. I love cookies, always have. Love chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk … but do you know what has happened? I eat without even realizing I’m eating. I’m not even enjoying the junk food. I eat when I get pissed off too. And when I’m stressed, and when I’m celebrating … and and and.

So, myself and a friend across the globe in Sweden are going to shed our fat … it’s going to melt away. We are in a competition to see who can lose the most. And we are both going to come out of this svelte and HOT. Do you know why? Because we are committed and because we are competing and because we are strong. A cookie has control of me? Really? I don’t think so. When my book is published and I’m doing book tours, I want to do them weighing 105 lbs!!! I don’t want to look good for having 11 kids, I want to look as though I have none! I want to catwalk at the beach and the pool without thighs rubbing against each other. So that’s what I’m going to do. And, I’m doing it publicly so if in 8 weeks I still am a cow, then well, I suck and have no self control and ScandinavianMom (on Youtube) is the winner. But anyone who knows me, knows that no way in hell will I let that happen!!

My secret? Eat less junk, more protein and keep playing with the kids. No Hollywood Diet, no Fasting, no Cheat Days … just living and making healthier food choices. Sorry City Market, I dunno who will be buying the Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chunk Cookies … to die for!!!

Be sure to stop by and say “Hi” to my Swedish Friend … Soon To Be Hot Momma!

5 thoughts on “Weight Loss For THE Dummy (me)”

  1. I would so love to be able to go and pick out a swimming suit and not be in the diving gear department. No seriously we are going to smoking hot in 8 weeks, we have to be! I had decided that I didn’t want to step on the scale until the end of the week but I couldn’t resist taking a quick peek and see if I was making progress. I am! It is all going in the right direction. LETS DO THIS!

  2. This is really cool. Typically you hear people crying and moaning about losing weight, not you girls. You are true blue. Hugs to both and good good luck.

  3. Okay. Go! A good tip might be to get a digital scale and weigh yourself EVERY morning. If you see yourself go up, adjust the food intake for the day. My sister and I do that. Also since we went to weight watchers, you have to move…dance around the house, walk around when talking on the telephone etc. Then there is Zumba! Ever heard of Zumba? I’m sure you will have No Problem with the moving part! Think fruits and veggies…no points! Salad bar would be good…they have all kind of veggies…if you could get to one. If will power alone could do it, you girls would definitely be winners! Have a skinny day!!

    • There is no way I’m failing at this!! Fruits veggies smoothies, etc. Seriously, I eat too much junk. get rid of the junk, viola i’m thin!! =0 Love you Meredith, you are the MOST supportive person!!! =0


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