Weight Loss For Dummies Works

Hopped on the scale today and after a less than stellar day on Sunday, I am still down 5 lbs!!  Holy Cow Einstein getting rid of candy and cake and cookies, replacing that with fruit and protein and water really does work. Add to that eliminating boredom eating, celebration eating, sad eating, and stress eating AND not eating crap till I’m sick and viola – weight melts off.  Did I mention this is only my first week and Friday night I did partake in a few cocktails??  Yes, I’m rockstar!  I’m not even adding an exercise regimen to my day because truly I think we get enough.  I will tell you that we’ve returned to our pre-Elly days and eat dinner between 4/4:30!!  That gives me plenty of time to run off dinner and I’m not too exhausted to fix a fantastic meal.  That’s it.  There is no magic to it.  Just power of the mind over the taste buds.

So, I’m elated for me AND I’m elated for my friend, Scandinavian Mom, she lost 4.8 lbs this past week.  Please fly by her blog Happy Birthday R!!!and wish her a very very happy birthday!!!  She has a lot to celebrate today!!!  xoxoxo

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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss For Dummies Works”

  1. Wow, you are so right. Power of the mind over the other forces. How simple is that, at least it sounds easy. Thanks for putting it in this perspective, I appreciate it!


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