What the Heck Do You Want a Dog For?

Kids & Dogs …it’s as American as Apple Pie!  We all know with certainty that little boys are made of “frogs and snails, And puppy-dogs’ tails!”  And we’ve all heard the old adage that dogs are man’s best friend — it’s hard to deny the degree of loyalty shown by dogs to their owners.  I mean when is the last time you posted on facebook accusing your dog of being selfish or stabbing you in the back or being two-faced or disappointing you for the very last time?  Ok, that last one, I may be guilty of … but I loved those cushions and that rug, the one he all but destroyed, was irreplaceable, I may or may not have posted a free dog ad!  And then there are my shoes that are unidentifiable and the diapers (you guessed it, the dirty ones) he loves to chew and leave as gifts throughout the house, and the underwear he manages to take out of drawers and take any and all his frustration out on.  And the Macbook chord he had for lunch, the cabinets he snacked on and the new wood floors he scratched up with his incessant excited running and jumping and turning on a dime that he does all day long.  The plants he digs up, the bones he brings back and the “friends” he brings home … you guessed it, all part of being our best friend because no matter how mad we get, no matter what words flow out of our mouths, no matter how many times we kick him out of the house … he’s there waiting, not full of mere forgiveness, but full of loving forgetfulness.  He doesn’t care.  I could beat him on the head with a shoe, pull his tail and tell him he’s the biggest, ugliest, fattest, dumbest dog in the world and he’s stand there with his tongue hanging out, his head tilted just loving the sound of my voice.  And the dummy would think it was a game he’d grab the shoe and run and run and run and run.  He just doesn’t care, all he wants is attention…from us-good or bad, really.


So why the heck would you  want a dog if they are attention seeking, possession eating, landscape demolishing  little mongrels?

Because, for a dog, you are his world!  Everything revolves around you.  It’s a pretty epic feeling to come home, all but forgetting we have a dog, and realize he’s just been sitting there by the door, in a million different positions of sleep, restlessness, boredom, interest, bird watching, watchdog, that he’s just passing the time until we get home.  And he’s just so happy to see us, the people who’ve ignored him for the past 6 hours, his tail is wagging, his face is smiling, he’s turning in circles around us welcoming us home.  I, personally, walk right past him looking for any signs of damage, he doesn’t care, he’ll forgive me for not trusting him and ignoring him later.  Our kids do everything with Eddy, from dressing him up to going fishing — Eddy is always a ready and willing participant!

Because they have empathy. Those of you with dogs know that they have a sick sense for when you are feeling down or are sick or fuming with anger … they come to your side and nuzzle in — it’s insane, but even I will admit that dogs have a calming effect!  In fact, dogs are used in schools to help children who are struggling with reading (the kids read to the dogs and feel safe because they are excellent listeners and don’t judge), they are used as therapy dogs – professional comforters, seeing eye dogs, service dogs, they visit the sick in hospitals, there are even dogs that visit prisoners!  Our younger kids read to Eddy every night and he snuggles up with them, clearly waiting ever so patiently to get his paws on the book, but none-the-less waiting.  He has an uncanny ability to exude empathy, loving them protecting them, unconditionally.  He knows they are his key to survival.  I have 14 people to feed, bathe, dress, water … they have Eddy.

Because they force you to excercise, so when the kids are driving you nuts, you can grab the leash and holler, “No-one takes care of this dog.  I guess I have to do everything around here.”  Slam the door and you have total silence!  Seriously, dogs are so very fun and playful, they are carefree and have boundless energy.  They love physical activity regardless of what it entails.  Eddy loves to raft, run, build forts, go fishing, ride bikes and skateboards and scooters.  He is impossible to exhaust.  Yet he is sweet and soft and cuddly and loving and calm.  He’s game for a movie, a game of monopoly or a quiet read. He’s incredibly sweet and tolerant of little kids pulling his tail or his ears, picking him up and carting him around, dressing him up and giving him a “bath”.  He doesn’t shed and is hypo-allergenic which means he’s good on my nerves which demand a clean home because he doesn’t shed AND he eats everything we drop and he’s good on my allergies!  He’s also good for my kids’ sense of responsibility, see above, he eats everything dropped on the floor AND left on the floor.  “Oh man, you left your RC car in the Great Room again?  AND Eddy ate it … ”  They start to pick stuff up!

Because they enhance your life.  Dogs have always been an integral part in the lives of us humans.  They live with us, they travel with us, they play with us and they love us.  They become such a huge part of our lives that when they become sick and/or die we are affected far more than we ever thought possible … he’s just a dog, we think, until we realize he is so much more than a dog.  He is OUR dog, he is a member of our family and he loves us so fully!  Can dogs be a pain in the butt?  Of course, so can you.  But, for all that hard work, the payoff is tenfold.  The kids have a constant companion for any and all of their escapades.  I have the warm fuzzy feeling that I made all their dreams come true in one tiny package … a sweet, comedic, loving, energetic ball of Goldendoodle origin!  No shedding, no allergies, 20 lbs of lovin!

The best news of all … it just so happens that we have a litter of these darlings and for my readers, I’m willing to wheel and deal on the normally $2200 adoption fee…why? Because kids and dogs is an American rite.  Because mom’s (and dads), these babies are the perfect pet, they don’t come housetrained, but they come small, and fully socialized.  They come ready and eager to please and already in love.  They come without judgments, only loyalty.  They come child sized so your kids can participate fully in all things pup py and dog.  So hit me up if you are in the market for a designer puppy … we only have 2 girls, one pitch black full of love and another cream.


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