Three Years Of Fulltime Travel and Still Going Strong!

You can’t deny that travel changes you, that it awakens something inside you that makes you wildly anticipate each hour, each day.  If it were untrue, we never would have continued this amazing lifestyle for 3 weeks, let alone 3 years! Fulltime travel has done so much for us. It has enlightened us, educated us, challenged us, but most importantly, it has changed us.

We are closer physically and spiritually to the things that matter in life.  We always lived a life that was less ordinary than others, rebuking the 9-5, TGIF, and living for weekends, but there was still so much ground to be made in living a simple, yet exhilarating life.

Today we are poor in possessions and rich in experiences.  It’s exactly the perfect balance for our family.  And the people we have met … oh the people have enriched our lives so much and I can only hope we’ve done the same for them.

Our local paper chose to do a story about our story … check it out, leave a comment, share on Social Media, whatever.  Just help us spread the idea that life is what you make it … make it good.

Jon Mitchell wrote a pretty sweet article about our family in the Post Independent today.  You can tell he “gets it”!!  😉

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