Top 6 Halloween Events in the US

Best Halloween Events in the US

It’s time to start planning your Halloween Events! From Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Costume Contests to terrifying Haunted Houses and gobs of candy, those who enjoy Halloween are a diverse group. And, despite what kids think, it’s not all about Trick-or-Treating. Nope, there are so many wild Halloween Events aimed at kids and adults across the US. … Read more

These People Are CRAZY! Bloody Carnage & Gore Kayaking! Terrifying!

Halloween hits the wave with a vengeance today. Don’t forget that in November begins our epic fundraiser for First Descents … Every day we will be out kayaking in the freezing cold, rain, sleet and snow — we’ll be like the Mailmen — nothing will stop us!! We are raising money for this most deserving of non-profits!