The Scorpion EXO-T510 Review – Making Great Strides Women’s Helmets

They tell you to never judge a book by its cover, but I’m guilty as sin. I demand perfection in just about all the gear I use, from snowboarding gear to kayaking gear. And, of course, motorcycle gear is no exception. I expect my gear to function in the top tier regarding safety, of course, but I also require that it look good too. Enter the Scorpion EXO-T510 women’s riding helmet, to say I love it is an understatement.

Trust me when I say when it comes to buying riding gear, no piece of equipment is more important than a good motorcycle helmet. As a family that is actively involved in all sorts of extreme sports, we understand how important it is to protect our heads. And, protecting a motorcycle rider’s head is serious business!  But with so many styles and brands on the market, choosing a motorcycle helmet can be as difficult as choosing the right motorcycle.

I know I was not going to settle for anything less than stellar, hence I scoured the internet, I tried on dozens and dozens of helmets before I settle on the Scorpion EXO-T510.

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Who is Scorpion?

Scorpion EXO-T510

ScorpionExo is currently a privately held company based in Santa Fe Springs, California. It’s only about ten years old but has been producing high-quality models at “affordable” prices (this is relative in my opinion). Scorpion is building a name as a trusted supplier of helmets, apparel and more. For the purpose of this blog, Scorpion offers a full range of helmets, from full face to modular, motorcycle and snow!

Scorpion EXO-T510 Safety

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and the real reason we all buy helmets … safety. What about the EXO-T510 makes it so great in the protection arena?

Well for starters, it’s a polycarb helmet (Advanced LG Polycarbonate to be exact) and some of the safest helmets out there are polycarbonate!  And, the Scorpion EXO-T510 comes in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large, meaning this helmet will fit most heads with incomparable accuracy. In addition, Scorpion’s  AirFit® cheek pad system, which employs small air bladders behind the cheek pads, makes for an even more custom snug fit, ensuring optimal protection.  These manually-operated “air pumps” can help improve fit if one is between sizes or augment fit as the padding wears in over time.

Scorpion EXO-T510 Features

There are a ton of features that I love in this helmet. For starters, the internal drop-down sun visor. This is a feature that I absolutely cannot do without and would never have a helmet without a built-in sun visor!

The main face shield or visor uses what Scorpion refers to as their Ellip-Tec ratchet system and a visor lock lever to keep the visor from flipping up at higher speeds.

One feature I was surprised by was the emergency pull loops on the bottom of the cheek pads. Come to find out this feature is exceptionally rare at the $200 mark. Basically, these loops allow emergency response workers to remove the pads easily out of the helmet, enabling the removal of the helmet without causing additional injury to the rider.  This is an excellent feature, and I’m surprised it is not standard on ALL helmets regardless of price!

Ventilation on the Scorpion EXO-T510

As a slightly claustrophobic rider, ventilation was tantamount to a purchase. I cannot stand stale air, and would much prefer to ride sans helmet, but I’ve very much subscribed to the ATGATT, (All the Gear, All the Time) mentality. So, in searching for a helmet that I could and would wear, ventilation was very much on my mind.

Ventilation is quite generous on the Exo T510. It has the usual single chin vent in the chin bar but that’s supplemented with the three top vents, which pulls in a surprising amount of air. And, what’s more the sliders and switches are super easy to use, even when wearing gloves!

Per Scorpion the EXO-T510 sports Aero-Tuned Ventilation with FOUR intake ports across the front of the helmet that force cool air in while one MEGA exhaust vent maximize movement of hot air out. Sounds good to me, but the proof is in the pudding. I rate the EXO-T510 and A+ in ventilation!

Scorpion EXO T510 Paint, Graphics, And Overall Quality

My helmet is the amazingly beautiful black and gold Azalea. I have received countless comments on how cool my helmet is, it’s pretty without being overly flashy.

My helmet graphics and clear coat are flawless even under close scrutiny. All the slides and switches move smoothly without a hitch and the quality offers something substantially above the $200 price point.

Scorpion’s “KwikWick II” liner is made from a soft, smooth moisture wicking material that is quite comfortable and feels great against my skin. The liner is easily removable which allows for it to be washed as the rider sees fit.

Where to Buy Scorpion EXO-T510

I have scoured the Internet looking for the best deals. As such, I bought my from It was $30-$40 cheaper than on other sites and they offered free shipping on orders over $79!

Scorpion EXO-T510 Overall Features

• Advanced LG® Polycarbonate shell
• Clear Everclear® Anti-Fog faceshield installed Dark Smoke and other shield options sold separately.
• 3-Step EverClear® SpeedView® Drop-Down SunVisor
• AirFit® Cheekpad Inflation System
• KwikWick® II Washable Anti-Microbial Comfort liner
• KwikFit® Cheek Pads Accommodate Eyeglasses
• Emergency Quick Release Cheek Pad System
• Ellip-Tec™ Ratchet System
• Aero-Tuned Ventilation System
• FaceShield Lock/Vent System
• Comm-ready speaker pockets for your favorite BlueTooth® device
• DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified
 5 Year Warranty





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