Knox Urbane Pro Armored Shirt Review: Pioneering Women’s Motorcycle Gear

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“You Get What You Pay For”

That’s what I think when I wear the Knox Urbane Pro Women’s Armored Shirt! It’s just the perfect mantra for a brand who manufactures riding apparel that’s designed to be 1) keep you safe and 2) fashionable while you ride your motorcycle.

Knox is a motorcycle apparel company dedicated to improving safety by leveraging the latest in safety technology, and ensuring you look good in the process. Their products are designed and crafted to ensure the utmost in quality and are designed to suit riders of any style. The Knox Urbane Pro Women’s Riding Shirt is a “jacket” that comes fully stocked with more safety features, more style and more functionality that I thought was possible.  I give the Urbane Pro an A+ in this review … keep reading to see why.

Safety First

Knox Urbane Pro

Ok, so what is it exactly that makes the Knox Urbane Pro so safe? For starters, the Urbane Pro is a lightweight, armored shirt that has CE approved abrasion resistance as a standalone “Class A” garment. That means the Urbane Pro is rated as a jacket that will protect you in slower-speed urban riding — as opposed to touring (Class AA) and track (Class AAA). But remember, this is an armored shirt, which means you can layer up for even more protection.

The Urbane Pro is designed to be worn on its own in hot weather with no other jacket required, it is the ultimate lightweight, breathable, impact and abrasion resistant shirt. And the only one on the market that offers protection on it’s own. In changing weather conditions add warm or waterproof layers over the top, knowing that the Urbane Pro is still the CORE abrasion and armor layer beneath.

In addition, the Urbane Pro comes standard with CE approved Level 1 rated armor on the shoulders, elbows and a CE approved Level 2 back protector. Further, the option to add a chest protector (sold separately) for additional protection is available too.

The Urbane Pro Armored Shirt

Knox Urbane Pro Women's Armored ShirtThe Knox Urbane Pro Armored shirt is a sleek, stylish mesh armored shirt that can be worn as a base protective layer OR on its own as a cool summer mesh jacket. As far as I have seen, it’s the only one like it on the market.

Riding during the day in Colorado in the summer is hot. I searched for months for the perfect mesh jacket. I tried on Icon jackets, Spidi, Dainese, Alpine Stars, you name it, I was unimpressed. But, at first sight, I liked the Urbane Pro, I liked that the whole jacket was mesh, save some reinforcement on the elbows and shoulders, and I really loved what it looked like on the models, but I didn’t like the price tag. But, my awesome husband, Dan surprised me on my birthday with the Urbane Pro and I love, love, love it! I love the versatility, that I can wear it alone, or I can wear it under literally anything and it functions as my CORE protection.

Style and Function

Review Knox Urbane Pro Armored Shirt

On top of all of the safety features, each Urbane Pro jacket is constructed using heavy duty YKK zippers, high tenacity stretch nylon and tough breathable arrow mesh for abrasion, cut and tear resistance. The stretch mesh panels add for flexible and comfort, and allow for a ton of air to flow through. The stretch is stretchy enough for my not yet small body to fit into the small sized jacket. Thanks Knox!

There are 2 external zippered low profile pockets. And, super discreet Knox branding on the chest, hem and back. Discreet branding is uber important to me because there is not much I hate more than being a walking talking billboard for any company. And then, the piece de resistance … thumb loops! That’s right, this baby has gaiters, so when you are wearing a jacket over it the sleeves will not ride up! Boom, FTW!

Cons of the Urbane Pro Women’s Riding Jacket

  1. The chest protector is bright yellow, and therefore you can see it through the mesh
  2. It is exceptionally uncomfortable for most women.
  3. It is $299 at Revzilla, I scoured the Internet looking for cheaper places, none found.

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