RV Kitchen Ideas: Modernize Your Gas Stove With True Induction

One of the nicest aspects of the new and luxury RV’s is their gallery … the kitchens are equipped with the top of the line, modern appliances that make cooking in an RV a pleasant experience.  The older RV’s have gas stoves and miniscule ovens that aren’t even worthy of being called appliances, never mind the inherent dangers of actually using them.  One of our favorite appliances that are popping up in all of the luxury RV’s is the True Induction burner.  They cut cooking time by at least half, they are safe and easy to clean.

Photo Credit: Winnebago Ind.
Photo Credit: Winnebago Ind.

We had the unprecedented opportunity to demo a Newmar Dutch Star for 5 months this past summer, and for anyone who followed us during this time, it was obvious how much we enjoyed our luxury travels.

What most might not know is that I, Susie, despise cooking.  I am a smoothie, RAW foodie for health reasons, of course, but also for the simplicity of it all.  My ideal meal fixed by me is one where you either eat something straight out of the basket at a Farmer’s Market or mixed up in a Vitamix.

Easy clean up, zero to little preparation and very little time invested.  That is breakfast, lunch and dinner perfection.

However, I am a mother of 12, and a wife of one who has taught his children they need 3 course meals.  And one of those courses typically must involve meat.  I don’t eat meat, for the reasons above.

Meat isn’t easy.  Meat involves cooking.

Maybe cooking is fun when one has a gourmet kitchen?

I don’t know, I’ve never had a true gourmet chef’s kitchen, probably because I’m not a chef and I make a big point not to be confused as one.  A gourmet kitchen seems to come with expectations, you know?

The Newmar Dutch Star had the closest to a gourmet kitchen that I’ve been in.  And in support of my point above, it was more enjoyable to be in than the total beater kitchen in our Cruisemaster.  I was filmed a few times actually cooking …

In the Dutch Star there was a Convection Oven that we baked lasagna in and roasted whole organic chickens in and even made birthday dinners and baked birthday cakes.  It doubled as a microwave, so speedy homemade (by the kids) burritos, quesadillas and the like could also be whipped up.

There was also an Induction Burner that I personally loved.  It cooked food in ¾ of the time our gas stove did, which is much more like a camp stove, and it is so much safer.  Once you remove the pot from the cooktop, it immediately starts cooling down, so you don’t have to worry about burns or melting or even setting your RV on fire.  Gas stoves in RV’s scare me to death.

Plus they are nightmares to clean!  Nightmares.  The True Induction Burner is ridiculously easy … you just wipe it down.  That’s it.

We liked it so much we immediately put one in our own RV.  If you are cruising around in an old school RV, like us, you must check into an Induction Burner.  

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