Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorful Colorado

Another Colorado National Park marked off my bucket list! Super Stoked to have been able to make it to the Rocky Mountain National Park in Northern Colorado! By far the most beautiful place I’ve been to this year. The onrush of scenery took my breath away; the mountains, air, trees, wildlife, it made me so happy!


First of all our campsite was amazing! We had a clear view of the valley. We could see the deer down by the creek and peaks in the distance and to add to it the sunrises and sunsets were beautiful! 

Photo Jun 05, 8 28 17 PM

I woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise with Rowdy (the only one willing to wake up that early). He built a fire and we sat watching the deer close by and the sun rise. A perfect moment! At 7am we started to wake everyone else up for a hiking trip.

We headed to Bear Lake, hoping we would see a bear! There were so many bear warnings everywhere, but we never saw one. If you want to get a good parking spot by the hiking trail definitely get there early. By 9am when we got there it was full. We kept doing circles until someone pulled out so we didn’t have to take the shuttle. The trail to Bear Lake is super short only being 300 feet from the parking lot.

The lake was beautiful!


From Bear Lake you can get to a number of other lakes. The next one was Nymph Lake. A lot of the trail even in the beginning of June was covered in snow.


As we continued hiking we got far above Nymph Lake to where we could see Otis Peak and the rest of the beautiful wilderness!

Photo Jun 06, 10 36 34 AM

My favorite lake was by far Dream Lake! As we came across it you felt like you were in a dream it was so beautiful!


Words cant explain how beautiful it was! We just had to sit there for a while and day dream.

Photo Jun 16, 8 30 54 PM

Moving on to the last lake, Lake Emerald, was very slippery! The whole trail was under snow and ice, even the lake was still frozen solid. On the way up we kept seeing cross country skiers. Pretty cool that you can still ski in June! Next time I definitely would love to hike all the way up to Hallett’s Peak, a 12,713 foot mountain, and cross country snowboard down, especially since we were all sliding on our feet all the way down the snow packed trail.


I want to spend so much more time in the amazing Rocky Mountain National Park! There’s so much more to see and do! Can’t wait to come back! Until next time Rocky Mountains.



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