Publisher Rejection! This Sucks!

So, I received my first rejection letter from a publisher today … on Easter of all days.  It sucks. I don’t enjoy being in any position other than utter power over myself.  I don’t exactly like asking, begging, requesting anything from anyone, so to be rejected is a double whammy.  And,  I know this will sound ridiculous and completely far fetched, but I really wanted to be the first writer in history to not be rejected by anyone. I wanted to sail through the rough seas of publishing with the greatest of ease.  But that is NOT my life.  I will have to fight tooth and nail to get this book published, ease is not something that we are familiar with.   Never-the-less, I was truly, utterly disappointed when I read the thank you for your submission and then the line that began:  “Unfortunately …”    Really?  I hate you!!!

I’m luckier than most in that I have an innate ability to set aside reality and jump aboard the dreamer express.  Before the entire process began I knew I wanted Running Press to pick up my book.  They are the perfect fit for me and my manuscript.  New Market Press (the rejectors) were but a mere Hail Mary. So my ever optimistic self is actually NOT discouraged.  My heart knows without a doubt that this book is meant to be read by a larger audience than just myself and a few choice friends.

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But regardless, rejection bites.  If I had to reply to the question, “What’s Your Greatest Fear?” the answer undoubtedly would be rejection.  It not only cuts to the core of my self worth, but it pisses me off beyond belief.  What do you mean NO?  Are you freaking kidding me?  When I’m famous you’ll be begging me to pen a book for you NewMarket Press and guess what?  I’ll tell you to bug off!!  Yes I will.  No way you’re getting a piece of me … not a chance in hell.  Won’t you be sorry then, huh?  You’ll be so sorry, mark my words.

Yep, that’s where my mind goes … revenge. I know, I know … so mature?  Gosh,  I try so hard to wrangle this particular part of my personality, but it rears its head everywhere … its almost like a 2nd self — a multi-personalty.  In the real world, I can’t imagine a scenario where New Market Press will be begging me for anything, except perhaps to stop sending them my query letter.

So for now, I ask for prayers, prayers that I will hear good news, that my book will be picked up by Running Press and that I will make them a fortune (what better revenge on NMP??).  But lest I sound too greedy … I know without a doubt that I’ve won the biggest lottery in history.  I am truly blessed with a fantastic husband and 11 healthy, thriving, fun, God loving children.  I really shouldn’t ask for any more!!!  And in all reality, I’ll be just fine if all I get are rejection letters … I will at least have shower gifts for my daughters and daughters-in-law when the time comes!!!  =0  he he he

10 thoughts on “Publisher Rejection! This Sucks!”

  1. I’ve read your book and it’s positively amazing. It’s the reality of it that is so great, it will be published, just be patient and bide your time. It’s the parenting bible of the century. I promise!

    • =0 I had a heart attack … a mini one, opening it and then when I saw unfortunately, i felt blood boiling thru my body!! =0 Grrr … thanks though, I needed to hear this!!! =0 how was your Easter? are you lonely? missing muh and boys? you need food? you should come over tomorrow!!!

  2. I know your book is going to be published. Nmp will be crying over their coffee once they realize they had the chance to publish your soon to be New York Times #1 best seller!!!

    • Oh Kath, I so hope so. I want to hear from Running Press soooo bad. I wonder if it’s like a jury trial … the longer it takes to hear, the better it is?? =0

  3. My favorite book, Jane Austen’s Pride and Predjudice sat in a publisher’s office, they did not think anyone would read it. They did not know they had a masterpiece in their hands. We don’t always see or understand God’s plan but we just have to remember he has one. Your book will be seen by the right people. I love you, Sue

  4. Awww Susie, I’m so disappointed for you. I know how much work and effort has gone into your book and to have it rejected is a real punch to the heart. I do hope the other publishers realise what they have in front of them and it makes it into the best sellers list and we all sit watching you doing book signings in major stores across America.

    As others have said, God has a plan for you and if it includes fame and fortune then it will come.

    Good luck and I do so hope you hear good news and soon!


    • Thank you Ian … I don’t really know why I didn’t expect it — I mean getting a book published is akin to finding a needle in a hay stack!! =0 I’m not stopping in American, btw … I am coming to the UK!!! =0


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