6 Fun Family Missouri Adventures for Your Next Road Trip

We road trip across the country from Colorado to North Carolina every single year to go kayaking on the East Coast. We have some family in VA, like my Mom Mom’s that we love to visit and my mom’s best friend, Dina and her family.  They don’t kayak, but they are family.  And, we have a ton of kayaking friends back east that we get together with and run crazy rivers and paddle fun waves with.  Every year, as we are driving through Missouri, we complain about how boring it is. Well this year, my brother, Grady and his new wife, Sarah, actually live in Kansas City because Sarah goes to college there.  So now, we are trying to change our minds about Missouri.  My mom gave me the job of finding cool places, with maybe an educational twist, to visit on our next trip through the state.  Because it will still be summer, and because it will be hot and because this year we might just tow Grady’s car to his new apartment, kiss him goodbye and then turn around and go to ID instead of going East, my Missouri Adventures are almost all about water.

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Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

Missouri Adventures in Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
Gorgeous hikes, waterfalls, perfect idyllic spot for a family retreat! Photo: Blog.visit.mo.com

The first of many Missouri Adventures that I found is Taum Sauk Mountain State Park.  I would love to go here because everyone in my family would have fun.  We could cliff jump and swim, which are both the perfect activities for hot summer days.  There are also hiking trails, which would make me, Brody, Kady, Emmy and my dad super happy because we LOVE to hike.  You would think my mom would too, but she gets bored, LOL.

If we had horses, we could even go horseback riding on the Goggins Mountain Equestrian Trail which is a ten mile loop.  I might have to check and see if you can rent horses because this would be such a fun thing to do with my family.

There is camping available, if you want to spend a few days there, which we definitely would because there are places to rock climb.

The Dalton Gang Hideout

Missouri Adventures continue with crime history!
Cool piece of history from the wild wild west!! Photo: True West Magazing

Next in my Bucket List of Missouri Adventures is the cool Dalton Gang Hideout.  I think it would be fun because my mom and I love to watch crime shows together and this is a historical place where the Dalton brothers hid when they where being chased by the law.  I would love to see it and learn more about it.  

And it might be a little spooky.

Kady and I really like scary things.

And the website says “at the south end of the Hideout park you’ll find old town a wild west town facade built for historical reenactments and  gunfight  Competitions. Kids love to pose for photos behind bars.”

Hey, that reminds me of a couple years ago when me and my family went to an old prison In Boise, ID and we pretended we were all arrested.  We did take pictures behind the bars, LOL. 

I would hide my brothers in a tunnel in my house if they were in trouble, would you?

Current River

Missouri Adventures begin and end with water activities!
Boasting the bluest water in the state, the Current River is a KelloggShow must!! Photo: OnlyInYourState.com

I was really excited when I found a cool river to paddle and that’s why it’s my number three in my Missouri Adventures list.  It’s not a typical KelloggShow river, as it doesn’t have rapids.  However, I Think it would be very cool to paddle the Current River, because it supposedly has the bluest water in the state.

We could practice flatwater tricks because we would be able to see our paddle strokes under the water!  And it wouild be super fun to swim around in the Current River.  We could also play the rock game. Grady, Brody, Kenny, and Dally made it up.  Everyone grabs a big rock and walks  deeper and deeper into the water.   You go as far as you can still holding the rock and when you get to where you can’t stand you sink and keep going as far as you can until you run out of breath.  In the Current River we would be able to see each other under water.

There is also camping along the river, so we could make it an overnight river trip, which is so much fun.  We all like to camp especially my little brother, Coby.  And at night I bet there would be  amazing sunsets and in the morning the sunrises there would be so great.

You can also hike on a hiking trail. Whenever my family and I hike we make jokes that Bigfoot is going to attack us and things like that. But, we don’t really believe in Bigfoot, do you?

The City Museum

Missouri Adventures wouldn't be complete without a visit to the City Museum!
The rooftop of the City Museum is a kids paradise!!! Photo: Maddy Kellogg

My family and I have actually been to the City Museum.  We went there for Brody’s birthday, this past May.  We had a blast and stayed there for 6 hours because it was so fun.  If you are traveling through Missouri and have one day to spare, you have to stop in St Louis and play at the City Museum.

It is not like any other museum you have ever been to, it’s basically a huge indoor playground.  There are at least 10 stories and each story has fun things to climb of play on.  One of these stories is like a cave.  There are tunnels to crawl through and it is very easy to get lost.  Like always, we stayed in groups.  I was with Rowdy and Cardy and my dad.  My mom stayed with all the little kids and Dally, Kenny, Kady, & Brody all went together with their friend, Albie.

On the very top, on the roof, there is a ferris wheel.  We didn’t ride it because there was a big line and ferris wheels aren’t very exciting.  But there is a big slide at the top and a huge bird cage you can get into.  It’s made out of metal and once your in, you can look down and I think you’re about  50 feet above ground! Also at the top there is a five story medal slide.  At the first level you can crawl up in the ceiling.

And, believe it or not, what I’m writing about it is not even half of it.  I can’t wait to go back, they are always building new floors, so I’m sure the next time we go, there will be new things!!  Go there and check it out for  yourself you’ll have a blast too.

Lake of the Ozarks

Missouri Adventures Abound
Beautiful Sunsets on the Lake of the Ozarks. Photo: Maddy Kellogg

Lake of the Ozarks looks like the most amazing place for Missouri Adventures!  Like, I’m ready to go there and spend a week.  First thing I saw was there is a restaurant right on the lake, like literally ON the lake.  But, it is not just a restaurant it also has two pools.  Food and a swimming pool? And a dock to park your boats?  Could this get cooler?

Yes, it can.  You can go swimming in the lake.  There is also a sand bar which has a volleyball net.

There is also a table in the pool with swing seats so you can eat and drink in the pool!  How cool is that?  And there is so much more!

I know that everyone in my family would rather swim than eat, but swimming and eating can’t be beat.  Did you notice that rhymed?

This place  seems awesome. I think my family and I should definitely check this place out!!  

Jacobs cave

Missouri Adventures must include a cave tour or two!
A lil caving adventure is good for the soul and if you are terrified of caves, rest assured, this one is a guided tour!! Photo: Susie Kellogg

When I found this, I knew it had to be on my list of Missouri Adventures that my family has to check out.  Caving is another one of our favorite things to do.  My dad used to go caving all the time with his friends when he was younger and now he’s taking all of us on these wild caving adventures.  None of the caves we have explored, except one, the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park Cave, are commercial caves, but a commercial cave is better than no cave, right?

Jacobs cave was the first commercialized cave in the lake of Ozarks area when it opened for tourists in 1932.  A tour guide takes you through the cave on a mile long tour.  You’ll see many types of  cave formations, including millions of soda straws as well as huge stalactites and columns.  I love to find these formations in caves – do you know how long it takes for them to form?  It is so important to be very careful not to disturb any of them.  

The other great thing about caves is that on a hot summer day you get a break from the heat because caves are all around 50 degrees inside.

My family and I should definitely go there cause we love caves. We always yell very loud.  And my Dad makes loud zombie noises.  I’m sure no-one would appreciate how funny we think he is.  LOL.

The last time we went in a cave was in Tennessee  we went in dry and clean and came out covered in mud our hair everything was covered in mud.  I think this cave will be very different, but still super cool.

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