H20Friendly Waterproof Ipod Shuffle – Review

This could possibly be the most amazing awesome product on the market!!  A waterproof shuffle?  Are you kidding me?  It’s the bomb.  Plain and simple.  It is Christmas for any water athlete.  Any good productive session always begins with a good playlist, however, until recently there hasn’t been a product that could follow you into the surf or pool or river without a clunky untrustworthy waterproof box or bag.  Enter the H20Friendly Waterproof Ipod Shuffle …

I need music to keep me focused and pumped … I need music to keep my fears at bay and guide my lines when paddling.  For anyone who uses music for pleasure and for clarity, this is by far the BEST waterproof music player on the market!!  I can’t say enough, I am a tough customer to please and I LOVE it!   As the months go on, I will keep you posted, but the clarity was spot on, the durability is killer.  I am sold: hook, line and sinker!

I paddled class IV rapids with no problem.  I was flipped 3 or 4 times (of course) and never once did the music stop, nor did it falter.  The ear buds (from the same company) fit in my ear like they were made specifically for me, which perhaps they were as they came with 3 separate bud sizes.  I’m telling you, there is nothing like belting Eminem as you nail sick lines and barrel through some tough holes.

Waterproofed from the inside out, H20 Friendly ensures that it’s prepared to withstand the toughest of situations.  Go out and get ya one!!!  We love ours!!


  • Designed for Swimming, Water Sports, Exercising, and Rainy Days.
  • 100% Waterproof, Not Cased or sealed, Waterproofed from the inside out.
  • Built in San Diego, CA.
  • Backed with a 1 year Waterproof warranty.

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4 thoughts on “H20Friendly Waterproof Ipod Shuffle – Review”

  1. Damn, thanks for telling me about this, never knew there was an option other than those damn boxes that I’ve lost 2 phones using. This thing aint boxed? Gonna check it out. We do some long days fishing and rafting, some tunes would be good.

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  3. Hey very nice website!! Man, I’ll bookmark your site and take the feeds also. Been thinking bout waterproofin my own ipod – this is way better. LOL


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