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We have a gorgeous litter of 10 cream Australian Labradoodle Puppies and the kids are ecstatic.  An entire summer filled with puppies, water and kids is a childs dream.  Puppies were made for summer vacation, especially the puppies that are born here at our home.  They are treated like royalty and our gaggle of kids surely make up our team of socializers.  Doodleranch’s socialization program is reknowned as we are touted as the best breeders for families with young children.   That only makes sense.

Our puppies are raised in our home with our kids and other dogs, they truly become a part of our home and leave here, at 8 weeks, fully socialized to kids – young and old, dogs, water, baths, grooming, kennel trained, sleeping through the night, cars, strollers, and everything you can think of.  Our puppies are dressed up in doll clothes, the girls get their nails painted even.  They swim in the kiddie pool, they jump through sprinklers, they are bathed regularly.  They go for rides in doll strollers, they are cuddled on the sofa, read to at night and they watch movies with our family.  They are kennel trained and the icing on the cake … they sleep through the night!!  Guaranteed.

Australian Labradoodles are the most amazing family pets in the world.  They were originally bred as service dogs to people with disabilities who also had allergies.  They are hypo-allergenic, shed free and old old souls.  They are easy to train, they are kind, gentle animals that love everything that lives.  They are healthy fantastic best friends.

We have 1 cream Australian Labradoodle puppy available, if you are interested …   AND 1 extremely reduced gorgeous fleece coated Black Australian Labradoodle Puppy who is absolutely perfect and to die for!!

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